Top 10 Best Puzzle Games in 2021!

Do you want to verify your talent? Want to know how fast your expertise can work? Then this article is for you. You will be able to test your talent by using the touch power of the smartphone. The puzzle app is giving you that opportunity. In your spare time, you can check your brain with best puzzle matching games that you can select from

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Let’s take a look at the top 10 best puzzle games in 2020.

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Top 10 Best Puzzle Games in 2020:

  • The Room
  • Mini metro
  • Bridge
  • NYTimes
  • Twenty48 solitaire
  • Dissemble
  • Two dots
  • Hocus
  • Patternz
  • Monument valley

Which one is the best puzzle games in 2020?
The Room

#1 The Room

Price: $5
The Room is a ghost puzzle game that was developed by Fireproof. The company has decorated the Room through four games.

There are so many types; it’s hard to say. This adventure game may remind you of a Siberian or Myst game. At the end of the series, you will find an old scene. Initially, this game was named Room for a series of rooms. You will have a good time with this game.

You can get the game for $ 5 on the Google Play Store.

Mini Metro

#2 Mini Metro

Price: $1
The award-winning mini-metro is a puzzle game featuring subway simulators. In this game, you will be given the task of arranging various random subway stations.
Randomly these lines have to be amortized very skillfully. ivermectin safe for children Otherwise, the train will not be able to proceed with its passengers. Forgetting the least will ruin your game. The aesthetic drawing and sound of this game are fascinating. Different modes of game and background music will make you fall in love with Mini Metro. albendazole vs ivermectin

You can get the game for only $ 1 on the Google Play Store.


#3 Bridge

Price: $5

The Bridge game is basically a construction based game. In this game, you have to repair the body of the bridge. This game of building about 60 new bridges is top-rated.

At the starting point of the game, you will be given a lot of elements. You have to make the bridge according to the design. Otherwise, the cities will not connect.

You can get the game for $ 5 on the Google Play Store.

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#4 NYTimes

Price: Free

You can play this world-famous game through your phone. The New York Times crossword puzzle is one of the most famous running puzzle games of all time. You need to subscribe to the Times to get daily updated puzzles, but you will get 5*5 size games separately every day. These games must be solved in one / two minutes.

The game is delightful. You can enjoy this game for free every day.

Twenty48 solitaire

#5 The Solitaire: Twenty48 Solitaire

Price: Free

The Twenty48 solitaire game is to match 2048 in many ways. A lot of numbers will flow to you in a room. The numbers keep increasing over time.The job of this game is to make 2048 by combining these numbers. However, if you do not maintain the sequence, you will lose. It is tough to keep the progression in this straightforward app. In this game of card placement, you have to finally capture in a box.

However, the rules must be arranged by watching video advertisements. cost of ivermectin for dogs The more conscious you are, the easier the game will be for you. Get The Google Play Store

#6 Dissemble 3D

Price: $3

This colorful and very simple game will give you a lot of fun. But too much puzzle will confuse you. In it, you will find three games, about 120 puzzles with many levels to match the colors. Gradually you will reach multiple levels.

You will encounter advertisements in this game given time. You can get the game for $ 3 on the Google Play Store.

Two dots

#7 The dot connectors: Two dots

Price: Free

This game of point matching is straightforward. As simple as all games, it is challenging to master and extremely addictive. The popularity of this game worldwide is very high. Many people spend a lot of time in this game during bad times. This sequel 900+ level game has to be played very efficiently. Because if you connect the wrong point to the wrong bit, you will lose. In the beginning, you will get tutorials to learn the game.

When you reach the 35th level, you will be introduced to a new mode. The new method, called Oavizan, will add further interest to your game. Get The Google Play Store

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#8 The MC Esher: Hocus

Price: Free

Easy to play such a game but challenging. Puzzles made by your opponent will come in front of you. You need to reach the red finish sign very quickly. You need to finish this game as quickly and efficiently as possible. In addition to more than 100 official games, you will find user-created puzzles.

It’s just as difficult to finish this game over time. But here you can choose the safest way possible. Get The Google Play Store


#9 Patternz

Price: Free

This is basically a shot related game. You will first be asked to start by describing the game. Then you can arrange the game in the shape you want. However, within a specified period. You have to find the right path. Here you will be able to pass the time with many challenges. You need to finish the game very quickly. You will get the game for free.

However, many advertisements will come up in the game. You have to buy the puzzle game to get the game without ads.

#10 Monument valley

Price: $4

The game featuring outstanding art and sound design is very challenging. The game was developed by game developers based on a story.

In this beautiful game, you will manage a princess to reach her destination. Control is straightforward, but it is susceptible. You can arrange the game as you wish here; the only goal is the release of the princess.

Many ads will come into the game. You need more than luck to succeed in the affiliate business.

You can get the game for $ 4 on the Google Play Store.

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Challenge yourself with the puzzle:

Play with your talent and win the Challenge Accept. But keep in mind that games should not be your main attraction. Otherwise, you will not remember the tasks you need. You will move away from your regular life.

So play as much fun as possible. Because games are nothing but entertainment.


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