10 reasons why yoga is better than the gym?

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a practice that is focused on the union of the body with the mind and the soul. It is an age-old practice that is focused on flexibility and stretching the body to increase its health and overall performance. Yoga has a tremendous amount of benefits that can be experienced at the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh.

What is Gym?

The gym is a type of exercise that involved following and performing various activities that help the body to exert energy. The gym includes the use of a variety of equipment to build the body and work on it to achieve its goals. This type of exercise focuses on using the body’s energy to burn extra fats and increase stamina of the body.

Difference between yoga and gym

Yoga and gym are two kinds of exercise that can be performed by an individual seeking fitness and a perfect body shape. Although there are many similarities between the art and practice of yoga and that of a gym, there are many differences. While the gym focuses on external development, yoga focuses on both external and internal development.

Similarly, yoga is a very age-old practice that has been brought down through generations, while the gym is a relatively new technique. Furthermore, the gym requires the use of a variety of heavy equipment while basic yoga does not require any such equipment. And finally, yoga has a much wider scope and benefits range than that of the gym. Nowadays people prefer learning yoga and practicing it at their home then going to gym, so you can see many yoga school in Rishikesh are offering this yoga training for the people all over the globe.

10 reasons why yoga is better than a gym

This article focused on the fact that yoga is a better option to be practiced than going to the gym. Concerning the same the top ten benefits of yoga over gym has been listed as follows:

  1. Yoga supports Long-term development:

Yoga is all about slow and lasting developments on the body and mind of the individual practicing the same. Gym on the other hand brings about immediate change. However, this change does not always have a permanent effect on one’s body.

This means that the moment one stops going to the gym the benefits they were receiving may cease to exist. While in the case of yoga even if it takes time for the benefits to show, once you get the advantages there is no going back. Thus yoga facilitates better long-term development when compared to the gym.

  1. Yoga provides Internal as well as External improvements:

The gym is known to work on the external outlook of the body. This means that if one opts to go to the gym they can hope to reduce belly fat, get a toned figure and increase stamina at the maximum. However, the benefits of yoga surpass that of the gym by a lot.

Instead of going to the gym if one opts to practice yoga not only will they be getting the benefits obtained through the gym but also various other additional benefits. These benefits include internal benefits as well as benefits on the respiratory system, heart, circulatory systems, and even mental health. Thus unlike a gym that only has external benefits, yoga has both internal as well external benefits.

  1. Yoga has a wider range of benefits:

As already mentioned above yoga has both internal as well as external benefits. Thus itself gives yoga a wider range of benefits when compared to that of the gym which is only related to external advantages. Apart from healing the body on the inside, yoga also helps to heal the mind and soul.

This means that one can hope to change their mind and soul through the use of yoga. Yoga can change one’s way of life and increase the quality of living. This is a feat gym can never achieve.

  1. Less equipment requirement in yoga:

The basic requirements for practicing yoga poses are far less than the requirements for gym exercises. While gym exercises require heavy and costly equipment like treadmills, a variety of weights, and other machines, yoga does not require any such thing.

To properly practice and execute yoga asanas or poses you only need a yoga mat and lots of passion and determination. Thus practicing yoga gives you tremendous benefits and does not drill a hole in your pockets with its huge requirements like that of the gym.

  1. Yoga is less stressful:

The procedure of gym exposes the body to tremendous workouts. This may sometimes tend to be stressful for the individual participating in the same.

Yoga is all about creating a connection of the body with the mind and soul. Its basic aim is to provide peace to the individual practicing it. Therefore, yoga focused on flexibility and peace and is far less stressful than that of the gym.

  1. Yoga is more consistent and long-lasting:

The benefits of yoga are said to be more consistent and long-lasting than that of the gym. The benefits of a gym can be seen in the body almost immediately. This is the reason why the same benefits even tend to erode faster for gym practitioners.

But in the case of yoga, the change takes place from the within and is internal. This makes the change a slow but consistent process. Thus if you are once affected by the benefits of yoga, those benefits will stay with you for a much longer period.

  1. The gym may cause wear and tear of muscles:

The process of gym involves the individual exerting their limits in working out. This may sometimes lead to injuries like wear and tear of muscles. These injuries can sometimes even be fatal.

However, it is quite the contrary in the case of yoga. In yoga, you will be focusing on stretching and flexibility and the body’s limits are increased one step at a time. And this in turn repairs the wear and tear of muscles and various other joint pains and aches.

  1. The gym does not help to cure diseases:

One of the most important benefits of yoga is that it is known to cure a variety of diseases for individuals. Various asanas have proven to cure diseases like arthritis, diabetes, and various other heart diseases. Similarly, yoga poses also help to improve the health of various organs of the body.

Thus the long-term benefits of yoga can be experienced at the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. These benefits of yoga make them a much better option than that of the gym.

  1. The gym cannot help with mental health:

One of the most important and widely acclaimed benefits of yoga is that it is instrumental in fighting mental health. Mental health is a very common growing problem today. As more and more people feel mentally depressed they cannot resort to the gym to cure their situation.

This is because the gym cannot help cure mental health problems. However, there is a variety of dedicated yoga poses for all types of mental health issues faced by an individual. Thus this is one of the aspects in which gym is better than yoga.

  1. Yoga can be practiced by all age groups:

Participating in gym-related activities often requires having a fit body. Thus gym is usually used by a particular age group of people only. These people belong to the relatively younger age group or the middle age group.

Thus people who are in their old age or approaching old age cannot go to the gym. However, this is not the case with yoga. Since yoga is a very universal kind of practice and there are a variety of poses that range from easy to hard, people from all age groups can practice yoga. This easily makes yoga a better option than a gym.


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