6 of the Best Mobile News Apps 

Mobile News Applications (Apps) bring the news to you quick and fast in a clean and easy-to-read format. News Apps offer a central place to read, watch, listen and understand global events and how they may impact you or those around you.

Below we feature six of the Best Mobile News Apps so your never feel left out and in the dark:

The Flipboard Mobile News App aggregates the news from various sources and users can search to read about any topics relevant to them.

The breadth of the news topics and coverage provided by the Flipboard App furthermore encourages users to read up, stay updated and be informed about new and unfamiliar aspects of global current affairs.

Users can select topics, industries, categories and regions of global news they would like to be informed about and thereby customize your home feed and also decide what will be shown in your daily news edition. 

  • Google News

Everybody uses Google and the Google News Mobile App is sure to keep you abreast of all the global news as they happen in real time.Users of this App can choose from a gamut of topics and categories with something that would be of interest to any user, wherever they may be. App users can also access localized reports, analysis of the news, exclusive videos and the widest selection of content.

The NewsStand feature allows users to browse, flag, mark, record and select the topics of their choosing and then follow the news sources they like, trust and prefer.

The Headlines tab is integrated within the App so users can obtain an unfiltered perspective of all the top articles, stories and news items, from around the world that they care about.

  • Feedly

The Feedly Mobile News App is an easy and simple tool to help users to follow news sources that matter to them.

Using this App users can quickly organize all your publications, blog sites, YouTube channels in one place so you can read up and share the news that interest you efficiently and in one place. With numerous news sources available, users can quickly update themselves about a topic or situation and build up their expertise as well. bukmacherskie zakłady sportowe

With over 40 million different feeds this App has something for everyone and users can easily select and add their favourite feeds and you can add any RSS feed and read it wherever you go. zakłady bukmacherskie

Feedly links easily to social media so you can easily share the stories you read with friends, colleagues or family simply.

  • BBC News

The BBC News Mobile App brings users the top breaking news stories from its global network and its My News feature lets users personalize the type of news that they see on the App in order to ensure it covers what is of interest to the user and can be accessed on demand.

The App also learns from the user and will suggest topics based on your location, news items viewed recently and what’s making the news now. Users of this App can also stream the BBC World Service Radio live for an audio news feed.

The Search function of this Android App Development  helps users to quickly explore the themes they are interested in with full access to all the video and audio content as well. Users of the BBC News Mobile App can also receive Push notifications for the latest news stories, download and read offline at leisure and easily share their stories to social networks, friends, family or even workmates.


The AP Mobile News App presents users with breaking news items direct from the Associated Press and other trusted local sources you can rely upon.

Users of the App can experience real time news situations as they unfold with exclusive audio, video and photographs as well. Not only limited to breaking news the AP Mobile News App also delivers a wide array of content across a vast topic base including sports and entertainment as well.

  • Reuters News

With the Reuters News Mobile App users can be constantly updated 24 hours a day with news from over 2000 reporters across 180 countries.

For those with financial interests this App Development provides all the latest market information with in-depth analysis and catch-up cards on currencies, stocks commodities and many more.

App users can set alerts to be informed as soon as any breaking news happens on topics or themes they have selected. The App Developer  makes personalization easy and users can quickly select the areas that interest them to receive updates. Users can save stories and read them later even offline and also subscribe to editorial highlights and exclusive content from Reuters TV.  


Mobile News Apps put the world at your fingertips. Whoever you are and wherever you may come from with a Mobile News App you can now find out what’s happening live and direct from news sources you trust. Download and keep learning about the world around you and global current affairs. fortuna zakłady bukmacherskie kraków


Washim is an Bangladeshi tech based web blogger. Right now he writes for techshim.com excellent content Android Apps, Games and much more.

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