9 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android

Photo Editing Apps
Close your eyes and think of a car! What did you see? A beautiful image of the car you dream, right!? Our brain thinks things with images. So, you want an app that makes your pictures more beautiful and also studio-like. We have come up here with the best photo editing apps for your Android and IOS device. You will get the perfect app for your preferences here, we can ensure.

The List of Photo Editing Apps 2020

A list of the 9 Best Photo Editing Apps of the market, either free or paid, is given here to choose the most relevant to you.

  • Snapseed
  • PicsArt
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Facetune2
  • Google Photos
  • Adobe Photoshop Express
  • Photo Lab
  • Photo Editor Pro

Note: Everyone has their choices and tastes. While some are happy with some features seems impressive to them, some may not need them at all! Here’s a list of several apps, shown for various and different uses. The list is not arranged by preference rather a collection of best photo editing apps for your device. Choose the apps as your needs.

Which one best Photo Editing Apps?


It’s an advanced photo editing software with some cool effects. This app helps you to give a professional quality on pics. It has 29 tools with some unique filters. It includes Healing, Brush, Structure, HDR, Perspective, Glamour Glow, Tonal Contrast, Expand, Lens Blur, Drama and so on. You can edit through these filters and give a professional outlook from scratch images. The editing tools are non-destructive also. All the functions make your pictures superb! If you are too severe with your photography, then this app is for you.
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Things get interesting through this app. All the features and tools change your normal pictures to a professional one. This app got its latest update on 26 March 2020. And got over 100M downloads yet! scabies oral medication ivermectin And has a rating of 4.5 stars with 1M reviews which show Its quality. A 24 MB free app can let you upgrade your pics in next level. So, just select it and download from Google Play Store.


One of the best photo editing apps is PicsArt! This app has 500M+ downloads all over the world and has 9M reviews with a 4.3-star rating. These vast numbers show Its popularity around the globe.

You easily can remove and change the backgrounds of pictures. You can add photos on your main images, and also doodle and type important texts via callout option. The User can also draw something via this app on your main picture. The Lens Flare option adds a fantastic effect on your images. Besides, these it has Frame, Shape Mask, Border, Fit, Cutout, Mask, Brushes, Beauty and Effects options. All these functions are here in one app!! when to clean bed after starting ivermectin You can give your pics a smart look through this app.

The new updates will make your photos more advanced. It has a canvas which is of four new effects for your portrait shots. The BRL3 adds a new filter category. ICY1 is also a new update.

It’s only a 38 MB app having all these properties. So, download it from Google Play Store and enjoy the service.


It’s the best app for photo-sharing. It provides a simple and quick photo editing. You can edit quickly and share your pics through this app and also another social network. It combines a camera, editing tools and an online community. This is an online sharing platform actually, where you can show your creativity. All the necessary photo editing tools you need can use from it. It also has filters, effects, text, overlays, stickers, and so on. The app provides more tools for growing up your following. Being an online platform, you can judge your photos at this moment your audience.

You also can edit videos and post them via this app, and A messaging platform is also added to this app. You can express yourself here and also can select your favourite pictures. The latest update added more features from 15 June 2020.

Instagram is the third largest social network site after Facebook and YouTube. It has 1Billion plus monthly active users aHas 101M reviews with the 4.5-star rating—no question of its popularity. So, just install it & enjoy it!… Google Play Store


It’s the best photo-messaging app. And an app that opens right to the camera. It provides various kinds of filters for making the pics awesome. It lets you take selfies hastily. You can have great fun with this app. It offers you face-fitting masks, puppy ears, cats eye, auto edited pieces of jewellery, hats, vomiting rainbows, and also provides auto-selected make-up tools while clicking photos. You also can use the make-up tools while compiling the pic. You also can chat with friends via this software. Can share your pics and show the creativity. You also can have an online communication site.
Over 1Billion users around the globe using it. Has also 22M reviews and a 4.3-star rating. You should install the 58 MB app from Google Play Store and enjoy it!


This app assumed best for portrait editing. It’s a highly specialized app that helps you if you want to put your best face forward. The latest version comes with finer quality skin-smoothing, greater editing precision, smart filters, and so on. It’s the best selfie for improving the app. It makes everyone stop scrolling by making every photo glamours.

You can get your teeth whiter and brighter eyes than you can widen your smile and whiten your teeth more by swiping only. Red-eyes also can remove. Using Airbrush, you get a smoother and softer skin look. Facetune2 gives you a natural look on your pictures. It also has some more smart features.

Facetune2 is a 91 MB app with 169k reviews. All around the globe, it’s been downloaded 10M+ times. Install this app and make your portrait pics awesome! Google Play Store

Google Photos

It’s the best app for backup. This app regards you a free unlimited video and photo storage. You can click hundreds of photos for the perfect shot, but never to think about the room! Using this app, you never need to consider for storage as you can back up your pictures here. It’s also pretty much more comfortable than other apps to use. Has a simple and a quick sharing option. Parallel uploading update has improved its performance. You can connect this app with Google Lens and can understand the unknown obstacles. User can print, doodle, text, draw, crop, change colour contrast & pic angle. Also, can blush and brush the pics and can give an outstanding look. Besides them, it has the standard editing tools also.

So, an app with editing tool and unlimited storage is Google Photos. You also can buy the premium ones for a better experience—the 1B+ downloads with 26M reviews and a 4.5-star rating. So, don’t wait and install this app! Google Play Store

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express
It’s an all-round photo editor. For accessing this app, you need to log in with a Facebook or Gmail ID. And need to make an Adobe ID by them. Adobe Photoshop Express is a powerful editing device with the best photo editing tools of Photoshop. It contains red-eye remover, brightness, colour-contrast, saturation, filters, borders, etc. It highly helps the graphics designer. Great sizes for images are found in the crop section. The BETA tool can make any picture fresh and replace in a professional look. You surely can make any picture awesome using the filters.
The app is too much favoured to professional photographers. The 100M+ downloads with 1M reviews with 4.5-star rating show the popularity. In a word, the 74 MB app is the best app for editing pictures. Google Play Store

Photo Lab Picture Editor

Photo Lab Picture Editor
Think, what app is on the roof for popularity right now? Photo Lab is the answer for you with some most significant effects and facilities. The characteristics can drive your pictures on an advanced level which makes your image creative in seconds. The Neural Art Styles, Photo frames, Realistic photo effects, Face photo montages, Photo filters, Photo Collages tools make your photos professional. This app provides many marvellous backgrounds helps you improve your photography skills. It offers you the outstanding looks for your photographs. ivermectin heartworm prevention dosage

The app also has a premium option. It starts at $4.99. Installing the premium one, you can upgrade to the next level of photography. About 640filters the app has with the free and premium option.

This is a 122.5 MB app, which has 100M+ downloads with 2M review & a 4.4 rating on average. This app is the most using app nowadays. You also should download and check the depth! Google Play Store

Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor Pro
Want to edit pics like a pro!!? This app comes to hear from you. The stylish features, filters, grids and draw tools, effects can help you create an eye-catching image. The 100+ filters, Glitch Effects, and Blur Background, Photo Blander & Light FX, Body Retouch, Photo Collage Maker tools make the app different and unique from the others. This app can deliver you a DSLR blur effect. Has 100+ effects also. You can erase unnecessary elements from the pictures you want. You can use double ex-poser, can Cut Out and edit, change brightness, contrast, saturation and so on. The Body Editor can give you the perfect shape you want. Magic Brush & 500+ Stickers also joins the party.

The new update of 26 April 2020 have added some pro tools also. It said border styles, awesome fonts in pictures, sticker rotation & more original text with two fingers, AI Cutout & Neon effects.

The13.4 MB app can let you an expert! It has a 4.8-star rating with an excellent number of reviews. The 50 M+ downloads show the popularity! Never miss the opportunity to enjoy such features! Google Play Store


There’re so many apps that you can use for photo-editing. You may find some tools excellent of an app while feeling adorable with the another. This is always confusing. We suggest you first to think about what you want exactly! Then choose the best apps for editing. Then use one or two goes with your preferences. It’s better being a master of one app instead of being average on many. We tried to give you the platform to choose the best ones here. And we think it was the best use of your time!

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