Adventurous tourism

The great outdoors has always drawn people looking to get away from it all and never less so than at the present time. As cities grow ever more crowded and polluted their denizens look outwards to the natural world for a breathing space in which to experience a sense of calm that’s hard to come by amid the pressures of urban life.

Ahoy there!

There are few places on the planet that are as wide and open as the sea and residents or visitors seeking such an escape need look no further than Simpson’s Luxury Yacht charters in Singapore. The thought of chartering a luxury yacht might seem rather daunting in terms of cost, but with a capacity of up to 18 passengers the per capita share becomes very affordable. Itineraries taking in the tropical islands found to the south of the city state range from one to five days. As well as enjoying some well-earned relaxation and fine dining there are also opportunities to participate in a range of activities including swimming, snorkelling, and scuba diving and on the longer trips fishing.

On the road

Landlubbers looking for a terrestrial equivalent of a yacht cruise might consider a road trip in a recreational vehicle (RV). RVs come in a range of sizes, from small camper vans to mobile homes and can be hired. A memorable experience using an RV would be to visit one or more of the US’s national parks. Not all have vehicular access and camping facilities but many do, and to get the most out of the experience, trekking, on foot or, in some parks on mule or horseback, from a campsite base, would be a good way to go. Before finalising an itinerary for such a road trip, it would be advisable to check for any restrictions in vehicle length as some parks have rather narrow, winding roads. Another option to renting an RV for the trip would be to rent an ordinary car and book accommodation in an Airbnb, available in most parks.

Off the beaten track

Asia too offers some amazing wilderness venues, one of the most remarkable being the plains of Mongolia, reputed to be the least densely populated country on the planet and famed for its nomadic peoples. There are a number of operators offering group tours, one such being Amicus. More intrepid adventurers wishing to explore the country on their own two or four wheels would be well advised to pay a visit to Lonely Planet’s website when planning the trip.

Being prepared

Exploring the wide-open spaces of our world can be done in the relative comfort and safety provided by assisted tours or down the more challenging routes undertaken by independent travellers such as backpackers and the like. However, in either case the rewards entail somewhat more exposure to health risks than holidaying in more conventional locations such as established resorts. The better informed and prepared one is, the lower the risk factor, and the US Governments Centers for Disease Control have very comprehensive advice and information to offer to all adventure travellers.


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