Are Daybeds for You? A Brief Furniture Shopping Guide 

Daybeds are functional, stylish, and look great in almost any space. Despite their name, this furniture doesn’t describe someplace where you can spend most of the day. It’s a space-saving solution that is great for both sleeping and lounging, making it a convenient choice for small spaces or mixed-use rooms—living rooms, home offices, etc.

Styles of daybeds are as varied as their benefits. In this article, we are looking further into their uses, benefits, as well as style options and ideas to help you arrive at the best choice for your home. Learn more below!

What are Daybeds For? 

Although available in various styles, daybeds, in general, are furniture items with the size of twin beds on frames. But, they may have arms that resemble those on a sofa. Some daybeds also have additional built-in features like drawers or shelving underneath for additional storage space. 

Daybeds vs Sleeper Sofas: Which Are Better? 

Daybeds are often associated with sleeper sofas. But, while they share similar functions, the two are distinctively different in structure. For instance, a sleeper sofa has a built-in mattress that folds out, converting your traditional-looking furniture into a cozy bed. 

Your choice between a daybed and a sleeper sofa depends on a few factors: 

1. Space 

 Sleeper sofas convert into a full-size bed. So, you will need enough room to accommodate the mattress when it folds out for use. If space is a concern, a daybed may be more practical for you. 

2. Size 

Do you often invite guests to stay overnight? You can think of your guests when considering the size of your furniture. Daybeds are usually available in twin sizes, while sleeper sofas can convert into as large as king sizes beds.

3. Storage 

Daybeds generally have some sort of storage space, which, unlike a sleeper sofa that mostly uses its internal storage to keep the mattress itself. This gives daybeds an advantage if you want enough space to hold your belongings. 

5 Daybed Options You Shouldn’t Miss 

1. Best in Clean Look: Sturdy Caspian Bed Daybed with Trundle 

Made with solid pine wood, this daybed is true to its name, promising a durable construction that can hold up to 300 lbs. It features a minimalist wooden frame and a headboard in a gray finish, complete with a trundle and built-in under-bed storage for things you want to keep accessible while lounging outdoors. 

2. Best in Vintage Style: Modern Bombay Daybed with a Twin Size Roll-Out Trundle 

Despite the word ‘modern’ in its name, this contemporary daybed has curves that suggest vintage elegance. It features a classic white metal frame and a look that makes it perfect in your little one’s room. It comes with storage and a trundle for an additional mattress. 

3. Best in Industrial Vibe: Novogratz Bushwick Metal Daybed & Trundle 

A daybed with modern industrial design, this furniture from Novogratz has a classic black finish that instantly adds a pop of color to a monochromatic room. This twin-size daybed is also finished with a trundle made with an all-metal frame, making sure it’s sturdy, stable, and long-lasting. 

4. Best in Cabin Style: Petunia Daybed 

With its dark walnut wood frame and slat panels, this daybed just gives off a cozy and rustic vibe to your space. The construction is highly durable and spacious enough to accommodate a twin-size mattress. It leaves the space underneath open and empty, giving you the freedom to use it however you wish—leave it as it is or use it for additional storage. 

5. Best in Contemporary Look: DHP Daybed with Drawers 

Its contemporary design and neutral color make this upholstered daybed a beautiful accent piece in just about any décor. It is available in both velvet and linen finishes and other colors like navy blue and tan, which are both equally modern and elegant. 

How to Style Your Daybed 

How can you make your daybed look less like a bed during the daytime? The key is in the accessories. Place a row of large pillows against the sides or along the headboard. You can also use your sleeping pillows if you want to keep them handy.

If your daybed also serves as your seating area in the living room, you may want to add some accents like an area rug or a blanket draped on the arm of the furniture. Finish off by hanging some art above and placing a side table that can double as your nightstand. 


Regardless of the existing style of your interior, you can find a daybed that will make a great addition to your home. You’ll always have a cozy sleeping area for your guests without sacrificing too much of your valuable space. Now, you’ll never have to worry about accommodating out-of-town guests again! 

What are your thoughts on daybeds? Let us know by leaving a comment below! 

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