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If you are wondering how to convert Rich Text Format (RTF) to HTML files into code, and those files should be compatible with HyperText Markup Language (HTML), using an RTF to HTML conversion tool is the way to go. The conversion tools include various capabilities, making the converting process more straightforward and efficient.

The RTF to HTML conversion solution contains full-text formatting, offers assistance for Unicode, permits customers to upload the converted file, and provides several other helpful features that make it simple for individuals to do conversion jobs. There are various tools available in the market through which you can convert RTF to HTML with a few steps. 

These programs for conversion have a user-friendly design that makes them simple to operate and deliver results based on the user’s desires. The following is a list of the common properties shared by RTF to HTML conversion tools:

  • Pleasant and Easy to Use Interface
  • Preserves the layout of web pages.
  • Conversions that are quick and easy
  • Support for the full range of Unicode characters
  • Productivity with high standards
  • The original file has been modified to the bare minimum.
  • Provide support for various file types, such as PDF, HTML, and Text.

The following list is the top three software programs that can convert RTF to HTML.

  • Convert.files:

You can quickly convert files RTF to HTML using Convert.files online, and it is a program that is simple to use. The user can either browse the file locally on the device or paste the URL of the file directly from the web to initiate the conversion process with a single click. To convert files, the user must first decide which file format to use for the input files and which form to use for the output files.


You can easily convert RTF to HTML using this software. It has a simple user interface with simple and quick steps. Choose the.rtf file you wish to convert from your local computer, Dropbox, or Cloud storage, or choose the drag-and-drop method to upload it. 

Then select HTML or any format you wish to convert from the drop-down menu. Click the button below to obtain the converted HTML file once you have waited for the conversion procedure to finish. It’s all done. Your file is now converted from RTF to HTML with a super easy tool online convert free.

  • SautinSoft:

This online RTF to HTML conversion tool is incredibly user-friendly despite its capabilities. Any RTF or Text file may be converted to HTML3.2, HTML 4.2, HTML5, and XHTML with CSS with this program. The program is also capable of converting RTF files to text formats. 

First, the file must be selected from the device, and then the appropriate format must be chosen for the file to be converted. The platform offers full-text formatting support, Unicode compatibility, and many other capabilities for facilitating quick and simple conversions.

Wrapping It Up:

Users can convert Rich text files (RTF) into codes in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) using conversion software that converts RTF to HTML. 

The program enables the maintenance of the original look, a quick and straightforward procedure, quality conversions, and so much more with only a few mouse clicks. You will have no trouble converting your RTF files into HTML files with their assistance.

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