Best 9 Dialer Apps 2020 For Android Device

Best 9 Dialer Apps 2020

Firstly it’s been welcomed to you for enjoying the best experience with your android or IOS device by choosing one of the most excellent dialer apps ever for your device from this article.

At the very beginning of Mobile Phones, it used only for calls. The most basic purpose of the device is to connect remote peoples. But with the approaching time, the phones are now with many excellent features. So, it’s so unkind with our phones as we are lagging our phones behind by using the old simple dialer pads!

While the world is busy with selling the latest things everywhere, we are here to let you experience the most upgraded dialling pads ever made for your phone.

Best 9 Dialer Apps List.

It’s a list here with the best phone dialer apps that are known to make calling exciting and gives an exceptional experience.

  • Truecaller
  • Simple Dialer
  • Drupe
  • Dialer+
  • True Phone Dialer
  • Speed Dial
  • Contacts+
  • Eyecon
  • ProDialer


This app comes with one of the best and most renowned apps for dialling. It dramatically works to help the user identify the unknown calls, blocks the spam callers directly. And can record the essential calls also. If there’s a privacy question for calls, then you can install this Truecaller dialling app in your device.

It’s a 38 MB app that has 12M reviews, and it’s been downloaded by the users for 500M+ times! And the users are active with this app throughout the globe. It filters unwanted calls and SMS on your phone.

You can make your communication safer by using this app. It also blocks telemarketing SMS automatically. Its smart messaging feature will enable you to chat with your friends and relatives. If you need more access, you can upgrade to Truecaller Premium, which will give you a recording facility and also help you to know who viewed your profile.

This app will help you with your privacy issue.

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Simple Dial

Simple Dial
The people who want a simple but productive feature in their dialling pads, Simple Dial is the best android dialer app for them.

The people with weak eyesight normally can’t view the smaller icons easily. To remove these problems, this app comes with large keypads. And it’s considered as the best android dialer replacement thus.

This app has customizable font colour and size, large buttons for quick display, has an option to add a contact button that dials directly from the contacts, add it also want confirmation before every call. حكم القمار في الالعاب

It’s a 2.5-15MB app, And It’s generally free via Google play store.

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Tired of spam calls and badly want to get rid of this permanently!!?  Then it’s the best Android and IOS dialer app to let you in peace and get rid of such things. قواعد لعب البوكر You can also set a call reminder in this app; thus, you can easily recognize the fake and the genuine calls on the go.

This app employs an excellent feature by which you can send animated GIFs to your friends also in your outgoing calls. But the friends you are calling must have Drupe Installed in their devices. Users were looking to juggle calls between platforms like What’s App, Facebook Messenger, Google Duo, Walkie-talkie and much more, can use this app as the one-stop destination.

It has In-Built Call Recording, Caller Id Tracker, GIF stickers and Multiple Accounts Summation.

It’s a 17MB app which is available on Google Play store.

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Looking for a dialling keypad with unusual appearance!??  Then, it’s the perfect choice for you selecting this app for your device. Dialer+ comes to meet your prejudices. As the Contact Plus team developed the app, you may find many similarities among them. You can search your contacts easily and fast and can enjoy easy phone dialling through Dialer+.

It benefits you from Caller Id and Blocker and also controls them who can connect with you. لعبة روليت مجانا With advanced backup and sync, it can protect your contacts. This backup procedure will help to keep your contacts, massages with you always and lose never.

Standard DialerDialer when makes you bore this Dialer Dialer + app lets you change themes and have an excellent lookup. It also provides dedicated launchers for a better feeling.
You will need only some KBs to download this app on your device.

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True Phone Dialer

True Phone Dialer
It is one of the most widely used Android dialling apps around the globe. This True Phone Dialer app has around 50,00,000+ Google Play Store installs which show It’s popularity throughout the world. This app will replace your dialer pad, contacts to heave your experience of dialling on a new level.

This app is easy to use and highly customizable. Contacting with the social network’s friend via this app is also possible.

The notable features of this app are,
It supports for multiple languages, extends dual SIM support, easy navigation and a well-organized contact manager and also fast T9 search support in recent calls and contacts.

It’s a 7MB dialer with 124k reviews and has 50M+ downloads.
Never miss this app and install it right now!…

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Speed Dial

Speed Dial
Want to dial things fast!?? Bored by your slow, paced dailing apps!??  Then it’s the perfect place for you. This Speed Dial app lets you type the contacts and the number very fast and also make your dial easy and speedy. The app rends you quick navigation between speed dial pages.

This allows you to message someone or call someone instantly without any hassle if you are integrated with your Apple Smart Watch too.

To make the app more user friendly, the developers added Face Time audio and Faced Time video calling features on it. The users can fetch images with contacts like very few best dialer apps also.

In a sentence, the app provides the user with speed dial pages, 3D touch contact, support of multiple languages and also with call reminder.

It’s usually a 7.3MB app with 4star retting. You can download and install this app from Google Play Store easily!

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Looking for a versatile dialer app with a lot of facilities!??  This Contacts+ app is here to help you listen to you. And it’s not surprising that 100M+ users throughout the world are using this app in recent time.

This app is so useful that such a number is so standard for this.  This DialerDialer gives you SMS facilities, spam blocks and Caller Id in a place.

Usually, the built-in DialerDialer on your phone sometimes doesn’t give you the chance to block the annoying numbers. This app can block those numbers and also with that this will deliver you benefits to stop and block SMS from telemarketers and spam callers.

Changing the theme, you also can have some new lookup on your Android or IOS device. Contacts+ has both dark & white ideas for your smarter experience. It’s also with quick contact sort, birthday reminder and too fast dialer search. All these multi-purpose functions are wrapped in one place for your better experience.

It’s only a 5.2MB app for your easy installation. You can get it installed through Google Play Store.

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Eyecon is the most installed app by iPhone users to get rid of spam calls. It has more than 10M downloads all over the world and 373k reviews and a 4.5-star retting on Google Play Store.

This app does not spam you with unnecessary and irrelevant adds. Using this app, you can connect your contacts with some quick shortcuts.

To use all the features without add interruption, you can buy its premium version and enjoy the app.

This app will deliver you Visual Caller Id Integration, sync with social media, spam filters and shortcuts with contacts. You can simply download it from Play Store, which is a 23MB app and gives you some great experiences.

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This ProDialer app is recommended you for its excellent appearance and performance on Android phones. When you search for contacts quickly, this smart tool will help you. While you are thinking of upgrading your experience, ProDialer is helpful to select then.
This app is here to replace your old simple dialling pads and let you enjoy the dialling experience to the next level! The only one app with total Contact management support is ProDialer.

It provides you with a very convenient way to access your recent calls, groups and contacts fast. And it works more quickly than any other dialling app and provides a lot of amazing features. It is using now by thousands of people all around the world.

It’s an app of only 2.8MB and also has a nice ratting. You can try it now for free!!

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Final Words

With all the updates and upgrades of the modern time, we are experiencing the world with so many facilities. So, that’s not nice to our phones using an old simple built-in dial pad. It’s time to have the facilities of modern time that are given to us.

So, select and pick one from them that meets your preferences and enjoy an excellent dialling experience!


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