Best Rolls Royce Model For Rent

Rolls Royce is known for its luxury and comfort throughout the world. The exterior and interior of Rolls Royce have the next level. ivermectin 1.87 for goats You can search for your favorite model of Rolls Royce through rent a car Abu DhabiBelow are some models of this car with rental prices and features.

Rolls Royce Ghost Series II 2018

This ghost series II is available in black color. This luxury car allows 4 passengers with 3 medium-sized bags. ivermectin dosage for demodex in humans dosage

Features Of Rolls Royce Ghost Series II 2018

We will mention the basic features of the ghost series which contain rear AC, blind spot warning, parking sensors, sunroof/moonroof, cooling seats, fog lights, and daytime running lights.

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Rental Pricing

After a security deposit of AED 2000, you can drive this car daily and weekly basis. The single-day rental price is AED 1900 with a mileage limit of 250 km. 24 mg de ivermectina Similarly, the weekly rental price is AED 11500 with a mileage limit of 1400 km. Do not cross the mileage limit because you will pay more money which is about AED 15 per km.

Rolls Royce Wraith 2018

This luxury car is available in two colors of black and silver. This car contains 2 doors and 5 passengers with 3 medium size bags that can easily fit. The engine capacity of Rolls Royce Wraith is 6.7 L.

Features Of Rolls Royce Wraith

This car comes with the features of cruise control, rear AC, parking assist, parking sensor, cooling seats, leather seats, seat belt reminders, and other basic features like steering assist, etc.

Rental Pricing

The security deposit of Rolls Royce Wraith 2018 is AED 2000 which is refundable. You can hire this car just for one day or for one week. Rent a car Abu Dhabi is an active service and you can hire your favorite car using this link.

The one-day rental price is AED 2150 in this case the mileage limit is 250 km. while for one complete week, the rental price is AED 13300 in this case the mileage limit is 1400 km.

Mileage limit is your distance limit cannot cross it otherwise you will pay AED 15 per km.

Rolls Royce Dawn 2019

This attractive convertible car is available in red, blue, black, yellow, and white colors. While driving this car your age must be at least 23 years. 4 passengers with 3 medium size bags can easily travel in this car.

Features Of Rolls Royce Dawn

The primary features of this car have push-button ignition, rear AC, detachable roof, parking assist, parking sensors, climate controls, and front and rear airbags. Additionally, it also contains a blind-spot warning, paddle shift, alloy wheels, ABS (Anti-lock braking system), GPS, and a lot more features.

Rental Pricing

The security deposit of Rolls Royce Dawn is AED 5000 which is refundable. The rental period of this car is daily and weekly. The rental price for one day is AED 3000 with a mileage limit of 250 km. while the rental price for one week is AED 22400 with a mileage limit of 1750 km.

In case of crossing this limit, you will pay extra charges of AED 10 per km so keep update yourself before hiring this car. Hire one of the best and favorite cars via Rent a car Abu Dhabi.


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