FaceApp Pro Mod Apk 2020 (Full Unlocked)

FaceApp Pro Mod Apk 2020
You can’t take a good picture even after trying a lot. Despite having a great camera in your hand, you cannot capture good moments in the right way. Can you never be a good photographer? Yes, you can, FaceApp Pro Apk will help you.

The app is available to you right now. Because you can download the app from the link given below, or you can also download it from TechShim.com. As soon as the app was updated, we came to you with the Mod Apk download of the app.

We made it so that you can download the application in just 2 minutes. I promise you will never be disappointed after reading this content.

Readers, we are going to share with you the Face App Pro mod Apk download, where you will get premium benefits free. Good camera phones are very readily available nowadays. Phones with good cameras are within reach of people. Many people even buy cameras as a hobby. And began to show the skills of photography. Among the phones with good cameras, Xiaomi, Oppo, VIVO, or Samsung promise you an excellent camera. Suppose you don’t have a good camera phone. Many do not have the ability. Don’t despair, and Science is open to everyone.

You can also take good pictures. Now the question is, how? Via FaceApp Pro APK. However, for this, you must have an Android phone. If you have an Android phone if you want to take good pictures, even if you’re going to give a new look at the old photos, read it. Because I promise this app will fulfill all your desires.

What is the Face App Pro?

Face App Pro is a paid application. But everyone who follows techshim.com knows that we teach you how to use the cracked and hacked version of any premium application service for free.

Then download it without delay. You can find the download link below. But listen, before that, you need to know about Face App Pro Mod APK.

FaceApp Pro is a photographic application for your device that was invented by a Russian company “Wireless Lab”. With the first Google coming in 2017, FaceApp can get the best clicks according to your gender by utilizing its artificial intelligence.

In this app you can see your past or future look. Not only sound education, but his alertness and dedication too are most required.

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What is the Face App Pro Apk?

The APk of the extremely lightweight Face App Pro MOD has been downloaded more than 100+ million times from the Google Play Store, weighing around 19 MB. The overall review rating of this app is 4.7, with about 826.9 reviews. It took only 2 years for this app to gain so much popularity. ivermectin dosage for humans philippines

Now the app has reached millions of people. The features of the application are exciting; those who know never miss this app. If you want to know the beautiful features of this app, why delay? Let’s go further.

FaceApp Pro Mod Info

FaceApp Pro Info

App Name FaceApp Pro Mod
Size 20M
Downloading 100,000,000+
Last Updated 30 May 2020
Category Photography
Mod Yes

Get Google Play

Amazing Features of Face App Pro Apk:

The reason for the popularity of Face App Pro app worldwide is only its remarkable features. While you would have to spend hundreds of dollars per month to get the full premium for this application, but the only FaceApp Pro Mod APK solution has given us the opportunity for free.

We procure premium features at no cost. Get the free version of FaceApp Premium now with Mod APK.

Here you will find the following features:

1. Unlock Pro feature
2. No watermark
3. Unlimited Filters
4. Hollywood filters added
5. Changeable Hair color & style
6. Age Changer filter
7. Opportunity for making Beard & Mustache

Unlock Pro feature:

With this application, you can enjoy the premium features of the Face app. You can easily make you attractive through this app. The app will give you a fantastic look gift like Face App Pro. And you will be surprised at how beautiful you are!

No watermark:

You can share your photos with friends because it has no watercolor. You must be aware of the images taken with the Face app. The current version does not have watercolors. You can take pictures and share them at any time.

Unlimited filters:

The filters in the Face app are amazing. You can use these new filters to make your picture look beautiful.
Hollywood Filters added:
How are Hollywood Scenes? Impressive isn’t it? Surely it would be better to give such a background or scene in your picture? Don’t be discouraged, FaceApp Pro Mod Apk will provide you with all this.

Changeable Hair color and style:

Hair is an essential part of our body. Changing hair color or style will give you a different look. This app will provide you with the opportunity to change hundreds of hairstyles and colors. Your favorite will also be here. Click on the image for this editing.

Age Changer filter:

Whether you are old or young or middle-aged, you can see yourself as you want. You can see your past and future if you wish.

But remember it has no power of its own! They will look like that based on your appearance. This is the only app that allows you to change the age of the picture. This is the main cause of why the app quickly became popular with everyone.

Opportunity for making beard and mustache:

Nowadays, boys like to have a mustache and short beard. But what do you do if you haven’t a beard? If you feel comfortable with a beard, don’t despair.You don’t have a beard, but a beard doesn’t matter. Because FaceApp Mod Apk will let you have a stylish beard and mustache. I’m sure you’ll be surprised to see yourself.

Some Other Features In This Latest Version:


  • Awesome selfies with the Hollywood filter
  • Changeable hair color and style
  • Chance to added perfect beard/mustache style
  • Beautiful smile filter with hundred of smiles
  • Background changer with a single tap
  • New color filters, lens blur, and numerous other tools
  • Beautiful evening or day makeup

How to Install & Download FaceApp Pro Apk on your Android?

This section is mainly for those who have hesitation about installed the hacked application. If you know about it, you can skip this section. Well, if you don’t know, then follow Step by Step. eprinomectin vs ivermectin

  • Firstly, delete & uninstall the FaceApp’s Free Version
  • Now, you need to download the FaceApp Pro Mod Apk from TechShim.com
  • Now need to set up an emergency. So, go to settings option and enable the unknown sources of your phone because you can not install any hacked application on your android phone.
  • After installation action, you need to go to File manager and find out the file of FaceApp Pro and click on it.
  • Once you choose on that, it will request you to Install the application.
  • Tap on that and get your Faceapp Pro Mod Apk. ivermectin price

Wow!! Now restart your phone and select this fantastic FaceApp Pro Mod Apk with full of joy.

FaceApp Mod Apk Download Link

Download Link


Many people want to use this face app. When they want to download this app, many questions arise. But do not find any answer. So let us organize this.We answer such common problems at the bottom of each application. Now we will answer some common questions about the Face App Mode app.

If we do not have the answer to your question in this section, you must let us know in the comments techshim.com will show you the way because every response is precious to us. Some of your questions and answers are given below.

Q-1: How do I use the premium Face app for free?

To enjoy Faceapp Pro for free, you need to download Faceapp Pro APK from Techshim.com. We’ve given you all the features you’ll never have to worry about.

Q-2: Is Face App Pro available for free?

– Yes, why not? You do not have to pay to use the application. But if you do not want to download from the Google App Store or any other website, you must spend money. So i suggestion for you download a free app mod from here.

Q-3: How can I download the Face App?

-For your convenience, we have given the download link at the bottom of the page here. You can collect it from there. This section of our article is the installation and download section.

You can learn how to download from there. You can get the file after waiting only 2 minutes from the link provided by us.

Q-4: How do I install the Face App?

-The answer is almost the same, Please Check installation and download section.

How are you from there? You can find out what needs to be installed. You can get the file after waiting only 2 minutes from the link provided by us. And the installation time may vary depending on your device.

Q-5: What could Faceapp Pro be?

– An application invented by the Russian company Wireless Lab. Developed for iOS and Android, this app is a hacked version of Face App Premium.

Q-6: Is it safe to use FaceApp?

– Yes! Every day people are downloading and using it. There has never been a question about the privacy of people against the Face app.

If you ever need a significant job, you will receive a notification asking for permission. FaceApp Pro app will never do anything against the privacy of your ID unless you give permission. Download this app now without thinking about 100% secure.

Final words:

This section is significant for everyone. Here is a short phrase of what you learned from the whole content. If you came here for this application, download it now. I promise you will never miss this application.

After downloading the Face App Pro Mod app, you will get directions. If not here’s a new product just for you! Now, if you don’t know the usage rules and want to understand its features better, reread this article.

Now you must know and be wise about the app. Don’t forget to let your friends know if our efforts have been of any use to you.

If you want to know more, let us know in the comments now. We will be obliged to give you a solution.


Washim is an Bangladeshi tech based web blogger. Right now he writes for techshim.com excellent content Android Apps, Games and much more.

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