Foods good for the gut

We all know, almost, what’s not good for your body. A cynical summary would be all that tastes good. securom failed to initialize nba 2k14 A slightly more comprehensive version would include trans fats, foods high in sodium, too many refined carbohydrates, and sugar. 

Moreover, the state of your gut is also representative of your physical and mental health otherwise. Hence, even though you may think you are young and wild and can eat anything, your body would beg to differ. 

Foods that are good for your body would be subjective to your existing conditions, for example, people who are lactose intolerant should not have milk, even though dairy is good for health otherwise. Therefore, it is vital to realize what foods your gut needs in order to ensure health. 

People suffering from allergies and gut conditions need to pay heed to the instructions of their Gastroenterologist in Islamabad. All the rest, read on to find food that you should be eating for better gut health.

Whole grains 

Brown is good, says your gut. Whole grains are excellent for your gut, since they are a rich source of fiber, unlike refined carbohydrates. how much ivermectin do you give a baby goat Moreover, whole grains are also a good source of other vital nutrients, like omega-3 fatty acids. 

Healthy gut bacteria also thrive on the whole gains. It is also healthier for you to eat whole grains, rather than give up on them altogether, which many people do to lose weight. So, bring on the pasta, albeit, whole grain!


Yogurt is everyone’s favorite, and your gut likes it as well. It is full of probiotics and bacteria that are good for your gut. side effects of ivermectin syrup in humans Moreover, yogurt is also a good source of calcium, which helps in making your bones strong as well; it’s a win, win!

Green leafy vegetables 

Many people are not fond of greens; however, they are very beneficial for health. Green leafy vegetables are excellent sources of antioxidants, that help to neutralize the dangerous free radicals that wreak havoc on the body otherwise. 

Moreover, these greens are also a great source of vitamin C and A, which are imperative for keeping your body healthy and going. Another advantage of these vegetables is that they are a good source of iron, the compound that carries oxygen around the body, and nourishes your cells. 

Furthermore, green vegetables are also a great source of fiber, that adds bulk to the diet and thus facilitates bowel movement. Fiber also promotes satiety, and therefore, prevents overeating. 

Spinach and kale are some examples of green leafy vegetables that you need to add to your grocery cart. 

These veggies asct as good source of probiotics for BV in women.

Some fruit please 

It is also a no wonder that fruit also makes your gut and by extension, your body happy. However, fruit sugar, or fructose, can also cause issues in people who are more prone to bloating and gas.

This does not mean that you chuck the fruits out, you simply can cut back on the fruits that are rich in fructose. 

Examples of fruit that are high in fructose include mangoes, apples, etc. On the other hand, fruits that are low in fructose include oranges, berries, and bananas. 

Lean proteins 

All the meat-lovers need not worry, their gut also likes some juicy steak. However, it is better that you opt for the lean pieces of meat, rather than those high in fat; they may be more succulent, but are not good for your gut. 

Lean protein is especially healthy for those suffering from IBS or bowel sensitivity issues. 

A word of caution

If you are facing issues with your gut, healthy food might help improve the symptoms, however, addressing the problem correctly is the domain of a Gastroenterologist. Therefore, be sure to consult an expert to fix your health. 


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