Garena Free Fire Mod Apk v1.48.1 [Unlimited Diamond Aimbot]

Garena Free Fire Mod Apk
First of all, let me tell you that TechShim regularly provides various games and mods of apps for you. Today we have provided you below Garena Free Fire Mod APK v1.48.1 OBB + Unlimited Diamonds + Hack Download Link. The will always be by your side like this.

If you are a gamer, then you must have heard about the Garena Free Fire game. You can also play. Do you know how popular this game is? So far, the game has been downloaded 500 times from the Google Play Store.

This is an excellent game for Android. Fighting this game will be very enjoyable for you. Those who play PUBG mobile will be able to play this game very quickly. It has also become very popular in a short time like PUBG mobile games. Now let’s talk about Free Fire MOD MP3 APK.

Free Fire MOD MP3 APK can also be called the hacked version. Its latest update is very popular with everyone. Free Fire MOD MP APK will let you share unlimited diamonds, health, and aimbots. Now we will tell you the details about this game, such as download link, Features, and download method are mentioned below.

As much as every gamer knows about PUBG, millions of people know about Garena Free Fire Hack Apk. There are very few games who do not know about it. There is nothing to worry about it. If you include them, you can hear them now. We have come up with a detailed discussion about this. By reading this, you will understand how to play the game.

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Garena Free Fire – Kalahari:

The game is a mobile war particular game. This game is one of the most famous battle games. Including over 500+ million downloads, the game has been rated by 43+ million people. Overall rating 4.4, which means people like it.

The first free Fire was released for Android on November 20, 2018. About 1 month later, on December 4, 2018, Published for both Android and iOS became more and more popular. With the release of the free fire game skyrocketing popularity.

It is currently played an average of 6 million hours a day. Which is more than pubg. Millions of people play the game for an average of 5-6 hours a day. Free Fire Hack APK + OBB Free Fire Mode Third-hand people have made this mode APK work.

You will love all the features in this game. But the problem is that not everyone enjoys the original game of Free Fire. Because the premium version is costly. But many have told us that they want to play the premium game for free. Is there any other method for this? Then after much research, we find a way, Which I will present to you now.

Free Fire Match:

The gameplay begins with a well-equipped fighter of 50 players. You have to move forward by killing the enemy one by one while playing the game. You can perform the game solo or with your partner.

The team that survives, in the end, is the winner. gaminator-t In between, you need to know the boundaries. The zone gets smaller every 5 minutes in the game. You will die if you are out of the zone. So you must be in the zone. In other words, the team that survives in the end, how many, two, three, or four players will win.

Starting and Lobby:

You can see three more people with you before the start. But you have to connect them with you. You may or may not recognize them. You have to jump from the plane to an island and land on the ground by parachute.

Then you get a gun, Collect survival equipment, and fight equipment. You have to move forward by looking at the map.

Collection of weapons:

You will need to search for weapons as soon as you land at the marked location. Because this weapon will help you fight. If you are unarmed, you will quickly die. Because your enemy will be armed. He won’t take a second to kill you. So you have to pack your weapons.


You must be wounded in battle. It is inevitable. So you need some medication to recover from the injury. Need to look for health kits and medical kits that will help you in times of trouble. Will find many houses as soon as you land.

You will find all these in them. You only have to be also specified with the help you perform toward other people. Otherwise, you will die very soon. As soon as you collect these, You can play more safely. Whenever you get these hands, start killing the enemies next to you with your team.


You can take the fight after collecting all the materials you need. If you get knocked out in any way while killing your fellow enemies while carrying the battle, you can recover him. You can live with him. But if you kill yourself, you can’t save anyone else.

So keep a guard as much as possible. If you succeed in all tasks, you can win the game. Even if the last player of your team is alive, you will win. But you can’t win if you all die. Play with caution.

Amazing Features of Free Fire Mod Apk

If you are a player of PUBG games, Free Fire MOD APK will give you much fun. Everything you need, such as weapons, ammunition, health kits, you will find everything in this Garena Free Fire MOD APK game.

With unlimited everything, you will get some more benefits. Aimbot, Here you will find the benefits of shooting while swimming. You should read below for more information. Because of all the features of this game, you will be shocked to learn in the highlights below. So you must read these.

Auto Eye and Fire

Everyone’s hobby is to win the game. IBot will never let you down. This will kill your enemy correctly. This will make you completely safe in the game. No one can kill you.

You can remove him before he notices you. Everything in MOD APK will give you much better service than the original file.

Making Unlimited UC and Money

In free fire mod apk, you can make unlimited diamonds and unlimited money. It will help you much in the game. This is a fantastic feature; after viewing it, you need to download the Free Fire Apk.

Unlimited Health kit

This whole game denotes concerning health. If someone hurts you plus thee do not become a fitness collection, you will expire quickly.

However, if you continue playing among Garena Hack APK when thee discretion does not have this query. Because in this, you get unlimited strength. Isn’t this an attractive feature?

New Mod/Map

New maps are attached to this game of ease to participation. As of instantly, the Kalhari map has been combined. The new maps will not let you penetrate the game, and you can enjoy the game with a diverse map.

Cheat Disclosure Excluded

In the first Free Fire Mod, it managed to be understood that you are playing the game from Cheat App. But, in the game, it is not the same as you can play the game externally thinking because here, updates do not have a criminal pointer.

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All characters are unlocked

Are you tired of traditional and useless characters? Never mind, my buddy. The Mod version has been produced for particular reasons. In this transcription, all features are kept open. You can play a match by taking any character without paying any money.

Firing while swimming

If you have ever imagined the original version of free Fire, you need to be informed that you can not kill your enemies while swimming. But in this mod, you can fire and kill anyone yet if you are swimming.


Play the game without doubt about getting banned because you are not operating to check if you install the game whenever we think of any mod game.

Our account receives prohibited, and that thing frustrates a player much. In a word, I can tell that install the game and begin playing. You will not notice banned.

No Root

To fix Garena Free Fire Mod APK Download, you do not want to root your android phone. Instantly downloading and installing has fitted comfortably.

Some Other Features

  • Automatic updates
  • Free Garena shells

How to Gain Endless Diamonds in Garena Free Fire?

Endless Diamonds and Health is easy by Free Fire Mod APK. Download Free Fire Mod APK From here, also, the link receives unlimited diamonds for available. The download part will guide you to download also introduce the whacked app.

Garena Free Fire Version Info

Garena Free Fire Mod Apk

App Name Garena Free Fire
Size 42 MB / 438 MB
Version v1.48.1
Downloading 500,000,000+
Last Updated May 29, 2020
Category Action
Mod Yes

Get Google Play

Download and Install the Garena Free Fire Mod APK System:

Downloading and installing Free Fire Mod APK on your device is easy. You can easily download and install this game by following our guidelines.

Step 1 – Download: You can easily download by entering the link provided by us. You can find the download button of this game in the link provided below. You can easily download by clicking on the download below button.

Step 2 – Unknown Source: This option will not allow you to download any third-party files. So you will turn on this option and download it because this option does not allow you to download Garena Free Fire Mod APK.

Step 3 – File Manager: Now find the file from the file manager.

Step 4 – Install the Garena Free Fire Hack: You can find the file and install it quickly.
Take it. Now you can play Free Fire. For one thing, hacking the version of this game is a straightforward task. All you have to make is install the Free Fire Mod Apk from the link below. Take advantage of this option now to enjoy unlimited diamonds, aimbots, unlocked characters, universal health, and unlimited everything for free.

Free Fire Mod Apk Download

Download Link

Free Fire FAQs

Any question occurs to your brain, and we do not reply to you; it cannot proceed. The part of the FAQs should be put because we have noticed that many proposals linked to Free Fire MOD APK live in people’s memories. Those who have never answer.
Accordingly, we have worked our best and responded to the most requested issues. Separate from those, if you have some difficulty in your brain, you should comment on us. We will respond to you, and you can also ask if you have either problems compared to Diamonds.

How do you get a free fire mod APK?

Download the restrained version of Free Fire APK from and use Free Fire Mod.

Can free Fire remain hacked?

My easy answer is “YES.” Everything is possible in this digital world. Hacking Free Fire is not a huge bargain. With the constrained version of Free Fire, you can hack the game. kockás nyerőgépes játékok ingyen

What is the Mega Mod in the free Fire?

To give the excellent characteristics of Free Fire Mega mod spread into the market. With the Mega Mod, you can receive various components that are restricted in Free Fire APK.

How do you improve your rank in the free Fire?

To improve your rank in the Free Fire, you will hold to play it continuously. There is no short way to improve status.

Is free Fire Better than PUBG?

This answer depends on you. Please tell us which item you want the most, PUBG Mobile or Free Fire.

Last words

I have worked my most careful to explain the game. I know the Free Fire Mod APK is a famous game whose characteristics are deeply valued. You will know everything about the game while you download also start playing this.

Think me, and If you began performing this Free Fire Mod once, you would be mad. If you have some problems with downloading the game, you should talk to us in the comments. lóverseny fogadóiroda We will fix the issue soon. Provide your Opinion on the game also. Continue visiting On

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