Guidelines to the 5 Stages of Mobile App Development Lifecycle

Mobile phone apps have become one of those aspects of technology that humans love to interact with every time. Meanwhile, it does not only help them to make a call or send a message to their friends and fam. It gives them other leverages as well. Likewise, it connects them to the global world, from easy tasks to reach out to multiple social sites.

Moreover, it has become one of the areas where big tech companies love to invest. The big tech companies are always up to come up with the latest versions of mobile phones. It leads them to earn billions of rupees annually. Similarly, there are millions of applications available on the applicators. So it increases the competition more for the developers. However, developers are always look up to make impressive apps that users find friendly.

Indeed, the developers with the expertise can turn the vision into reality by their skills. Similarly, an android and iPhone app development company looks after hiring those developers who are experts in the development of apps. Plus, app developers in London are popular in developing exceptional and user-friendly apps.

Yet, it is not possible to build an app without proper guidance. Therefore, the developers also follow the plan, step-by-step guidance to complete their projects. In this writing piece, we will assist you in knowing which steps are necessary to look at the time of developing an app.


Making a concept is the initial stage in developing an app. Meanwhile, merely an idea is not enough to make an app; you need more than that. There are some particular points which are necessary to look after.

Finding and Research

Before diving into any kind of development process, it must study the market and research the trends. The reason for setting up findings and research at the initial stages is that it gives you total control over the development process. Meanwhile, it is essential to find out the targeted audiences of your app. For instance, you are developing a gaming app that will only target gamers.

However, the essential point to note while making an app is what issues your applications will solve for the users. It means the features and functionalities which your competitors do not have in their application. In addition, there are two trending and famous application stores. IOS and Android. You need to develop an app that runs with efficiency on both application stores. Above all, the goals and objectives are essential for the future of your app.


The designing phase of an app is the most essential one. Because it’s the first part user will interact with. Therefore, it always should be the exceptional one. Meanwhile, it is necessary to map out the comprehensive details about the app, how the user will communicate with each feature and its functionalities.

  • What are the factors after developing an app?
  • How many steps will it take the user to make a profile?
  • How can users grasp the new information?

After digging out all this information, it’s time to map out the wireframe. In wireframes, you will make layouts, add buttons and develop numerous variations. In addition, after the wireframes, it will be time to build a prototype. Finally, it will give feasibility to all the stakeholders to witness the first look of an application.

In addition, the wireframes and storyboards will help you to understand the depths of an app. It will give you a view of how the backend will support your functionalities. It entirely consists of significant features as well the ordinary ones. It also includes the APIs, push notifications, services, analysis tools, the different types of databases your application will require.


For the development purpose, specific app development platforms can help you to build an app. Moreover, they will set up storage, database, APIs, and servers. Thus, there are two types of phases in the development.

  • The alpha phase- Centre functionality is representing here without testing.
  • The beta phase- In beta testing, some elements of the application experience the test to remove the bugs.

In the development stage, it is essential to figure out the multiple vital points about the app. Like, multitasking, operating system fragmentation, from factor, device factor. Meanwhile, those applications get successful in the long run, which makes running smoothly on a different device with total efficiency. So, it is necessary to make an app compatible to perform well on other devices with different specifications.

However, the developer does coding according to the capability of a mobile phone as phones aren’t that capable of handling a significant burden of code.


The testing is a part of the development process of an application. It is necessary to test each element of the app explicitly. Meanwhile, it will minimize the development cost because the more you go further in the development process. The chances are less to encounter an error. Different types of testing are usually getting perform at the time of the testing phase. Likewise,

  • Usability testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Interface Test
  • Service Testing
  • Low-level Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Operational Testing
  • Security Testing

However, testing is not an easy task to do. For that, numerous tools are available to help you out in this scenario.


As you finish with the four development phases of your application, The fifth one, the Launch phase, is crucial for your app. Meanwhile, ignoring the importance of this phase can prove a disaster for your app. This phase involves numerous aspects for the betterment of an app. For instance,

  • App store optimization
  • Search engine optimization
  • Website
  • Email list
  • The promotions
  • Relationship with the users

Indeed, these all steps are prominent for the success of your application. Moreover, these steps will help your app to do well in the ratings in the application. Plus, an SEO expert will help you get a great reach by helping hand with keywords.

However, some of the applications adopt the ways of promoting their apps before even the release. They build a website to get online recognition before even launching an app. Similarly, payout to different social sites to run the advertisements about their product. They hire some professional writers as well to write comprehensive details about their applications. So, they get the upper hand in the market before even the launch of applications.

Above all, all tactics are grasp by developers to develop a loyal relationship with their users.


Mobile app development is a challenging task but not the impossible one. Moreover, as soon you complete the development phases of an app and release it in the market. Then, it’s time to look into the ratings, reviews, and feedback you receive from your users. Indeed, it is vital to keep working on the input of your users.

However, humans always want to go with those apps which keep coming up with more advanced features and functionalities. In addition, it is necessary to keep striving to remove all the issues which users are facing. Therefore, it will provide a lot of growth to your app.

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