Hotstar Premium Mod Apk v11.7.8 (Disney+Unlocked/VIP)

Hotstar Premium Mod Apk

If you are here in search of Hotstar Mod Apk, welcome. Because the download link of Hotstar Mod Apk is available here. And with this Hotstar, you can enjoy any premium video. Because it is a hacked application, where all the premium features can be found unlocked. Here, you can find access about Premium or VIP and Disney+. So download the latest version of Hotstar premium mod apk without wasting time.

Everyone loves movies or shows. In their spare time, everyone spends time playing games or watching movies or watching TV shows. The mod apk is very effective for true movie lovers. If you also like to play games, then you must download Hotstar apk. Because from here, you will get the opportunity to download different games.

When it comes to movies or web series, everyone is talking about Hotstar by name. But you will never get good benefits anywhere for free. You have to spend money on this. But if you don’t have money, will you refrain from all this entertainment? Certainly not. At least not as long as there are So quickly download Hotstar mod apk vip unlocked. It does not require your money, nor will it lack entertainment. Is there an alternative method?  If so, let me know in the comments.

There is also a lack of gathering security for many people at the cinema. Many people do not feel comfortable in the cinema hall thinking about these things. Then you are lucky, beacuse you can watch any movie with time, money and even without any hindrance. For this, you have to download the latest version of disney+ hotstar premium mod apk from the link given by us. But let’s download, but first, learn a little about the download method.

Here you will find the download link of Hotstar premium mod apk latest version and answer some of your questions. So read the post with concentrate and enjoy by downloading free disney+ hotstar premium mod apk latest version.

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Hotstar Mod Apk

The main advantage of using Hotstar premium mod apk is that they allow you to enjoy all the popular TV channels, movies, web series for free just like the popular streaming applications worldwide such as Amazon Prime Video MOD APK and Netflix Premium mod apk.

The service was launched by Star India in February 2015 but was later owned by Novi Digital Entertainment. Whatever it is, Hotstar translates any entertainment show like TV shows, movies, live cricket, etc. into 18 languages. For example, Hindi, English, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, etc. These can be enjoyed.

India’s most extensive streaming service is available not only in India but also in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and other countries. You will not have any problem using hotstar premium mod apk no matter what country you live in. They still have more than 350 million users worldwide. Gradually it will only increase.

Hotstar Mod Apk Version Info

Hotstar Mod Apk Version Info

App Name Hotstar Apk
Size 16Mb
Version v11.7.7
Downloading 100,000,000+
Last Updated 23 July 2020
Category Entertainment
Mod Yes

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Hotstar Premium Apk 2020

People love entertainment. Happiness or sorrow, people are interested in entertainment. Many people listen to music to make their minds better, some to awaken themselves to the occasion, some to keep themselves fresh, and some learn to sing again as a hobby. Movie or dance is like that in all cases.

But if you have to spend money in the middle of this entertainment, then there is a little bit of happiness and dissatisfaction. Because everyone wants to keep their money to themselves. But we will provide you entertainment without ads through Hotstar VIP Apk without any money.

Cracked Hotstar gives you access to any international show. With this hack app, you can enjoy any show for free. There are two ways to use Hotstar at no cost. The first is the cracked application, and the second is the version we have shared with you, namely Hotstar Premium apk.

Disney+ hotstar premium offers these two types of subscriptions. Disney+ hotstar VIP subscription will cost you 399 INR per year. In return, you can watch movies, TV shows, or any game at home.

For the hotstar premium, CAD is 12.99 in Canadian currency or around $ 9.99 in US currency. You can also enjoy any international movie and television series for a pittance. I will now discuss some vital information that will motivate you to download the latest version of this disney+ hotstar premium mod apk.

Hotstar Mod Apk Vip

You will now discuss some vital information that will motivate you to download the newest version of this Disney Hotstar Premium Mode Up. This means that if you like any Indian movie or channel, then you can use this VIP application. Again here you can watch any game in India. You can enjoy all the channels of Star Series here.

For example: Star Jalsa, Star Plus, Star Sports, Star Movies, Zee Bangla, and many more Indian channels will allow you to enjoy here. But why the delay? Download now full hotstar mod apk vip unlocked on your favorite Indian channel. For your convenience, we have given the link to download a hotstar mod apk vip unlocked here. You can download a hotstar mod apk Vip at any time.


Features of Hotstar Mod Apk:

We find a kind of inner peace when we use something with useful features. Because everyone believes that anything with good qualities is good. And hotstar premium mod apk is one of the most extensive video streaming services in India. The reason behind being so big is that it retains useful features. Which attracts people. But let’s find out what is the best quality hotstar premium mod apk latest version.

Premium unlock

Disney+ hotstar premium mod apk latest version has given full vip premium. So you don’t find any difference between the original version and the hack. In this version, you have permission to watch any kinds of movies, TV shows, including American, Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, and all the games live here. And here you will not see any ads.

No ads

There seems to be no better way to advertise in the movie, to be very annoying and to make the mood worse. In the free version, ads will distract you after a while. But in the premium VIP version, they do not give any advertisement even when you watch movies, TV shows, or games for hours. Surely you understand how valuable a feature hotstar mod apk is providing. So download disney+ hotstar premium mod apk latest version now and enjoy ad-free entertainment.

Live game

We all watch and like live games more or less. Only Hotstar will give you this facility. Also, you can’t watch any live game, no matter what video streaming service you use. Not only international games but also various Premier League, famous indoor games, Kabaddi, etc. Many international and popular league games are shown live here. In cricket, IPL, Big Bash, BPL, County League – English Premier League, La Liga, Championship, etc. are broadcast live in football. If you love games, then you must download hotstar mod.

Video download

If you don’t have the internet for any reason, no video streaming service can serve you anymore. But Hotstar Premium will serve you both online and offline. Now the question is, how is this possible? Hotstar Premium allows you to download promoted videos. So no matter where you are, you are not staying away from video services.

Login in a short time

It is often seen that in the case of login, almost all the personal information has to be given to the application. But you don’t have to provide any details in Hotstar mod apk. Download, install, and enjoy any video you want – Hotstar mod apk. They will not tell you the details or any alternative way to log in.

Granting permission

Many times when watching a video, they ask for some permission after entering the application. But Hotstar mod apk will not ask any permission from you. You can set it as you wish, or Hotstar will automatically fulfill all the conditions. You do not have to provide any information to use it. This allows you to use it safely enough.

Black Screen

According to many, the black screen used to come when watching videos in the old version. The developers have solved this problem. Now you don’t have to read any problem while watching the video. How late will it be? Download now Hotstar mod apk vip unlocked.

TV channels in Hotstar Mod Apk

  • Star Plus
  • HBO
  • Star Sports
  • Star World
  • National Geographic
  • Star Maa
  • StarJalsha
  • Fox Life
  • Starlight
  • Star Festival
  • Et Asianet
  • Star Victory
  • Star Subarna

Supported devices

  • Windows
  • MacTV
  • FireTV
  • iPhone
  • IPad
  • Android
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast’s

Hotstar is popular at premium

  • Mandalorian
  • High School Music
  • Music: Series
  • The World war by Jeff Goldblum
  • The Lady and Tramp
  • Go
  • Once more
  • Disney Fairy Tale
  • WeddingFiction stories
  • Diary of the future President
  • Timmy Failure: Wrong

Download Rules:

Downloading the mod apk is a very easy task. But the easy task will become difficult when you do something outside the rules. Follow the procedure shown at Downloading and installing will be easy. But let’s get started.

To download, first, you have to go to the download link provided by us and tap on download option of the game. Second, after clicking the download button, it will automatically move into an another new page. From there, you will get a link from where you can download.

Now that you have downloaded turn on the unknown source of the phone. Because unknown developer teams developed these applications. For which these applications do not want to accept your device easily. But if the hidden source of the phone is turned on, you can install any app. Many times many applications can be downloaded but not installed.

Then go to the file manager of your device and find the file of Hotstar Mod Apk and click on the install button. Installed! Anyway, Hotstar mod apk is now yours. Launch the app, and enjoy famous TV shows.

Hotstar Download Link

Download Link

Hotstar Mod Apk FAQs

Can I view all premium content if I download Hotstar MOD APK?
The latest version of Hotstar Premium mod APK giving permission you to view every shows acceseble in the premium subscription.

What is Hotstar Premium mod APk?
The Disney+ hotstar Premium mod APk is an alternative of Hotstar premium that developed by unknown app developers have created to give us opportunity see all the premium content.

Which opportunities are available in Hotstar’s Premium mod APk?
In Hotstar Premium MOD apk version, here, you can view limiteless Live Sports like (In cricket, IPL, Big Bash, BPL, County League – English Premier League, La Liga, Championship, etc), newest Indian dramas and movies in digital platforms, Disney plus Original and famous Disney dramas and movies.

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Is it safe to use the Hotstar Mod apk?
Yes, why not? Don’t panic for your data because Hotstar is being tested by millions of users when are using this Hotstar Mod
application. The main point of this application is that you needn’t permission from author. For that hotstar is 0% danger but 100% safe for using.

Do you need to purchase your Hotstar Premium subscription after downloading the Hotstar Mod apk?
Never, Hotstar mod apk gives you all the advantages of the premium application. What you need to view that is here for entirely free in Premium Cracked APK of Hotstar, then you needn’t to subscription any other premium, cracked or VIP applications.


I have tried a lot to inform you about Hotstar in front of you. This section is the most important. Many problems will be solved by summarizing the whole article here. Remember, Hotstar offers two types of pack subscription opportunities. But in the link provided by us, you will get both for free.

If there is anything left to know after reading this article, please let us know. We always try to help you. If you still haven’t downloaded the video streaming app, download it from the link provided by us. If you like our writing, share it and let your friends know.

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