How A Dosing Machine Is Used

This article goes over usual subjects that can impact dosing machine systems– improvement in weight (GIW) or loss in weight (LIW)– and suggests treatments, either by transforming the design or by working the line otherwise. It distillates on batch dosing and covers steady feeders: screw conveyors, pulsing tubes and shutoffs.

How batch dosing is done

These procedures are start stop considering that the operations are executed one after the other. Such discontinuous procedure is called batch dosing. It needs to be noted that LIW feeders can additionally be run in constant dosing to provide a continuous mass circulation for a continual downstream process, if they are equipped with a specific control system.

Gain-in-weight treating

The distribution is ambitious by the devices collecting powder and which should be on load lockups. Numerous feeders can be associated to the same receptacle, but only one considering can be carried out each time.

Loss-in-weight dosing

The distribution is regulated by the tools that is dosing the powder. A number of hoppers on load cells can be attached to getting tackle, and all elements can be dosed concurrently.

Control dosing

To control the dosing, the automation software program counts on a set of parameters that specify when to change from one dosing speed to another. A regular collection of dosing criteria consists of:.

  • Coarse dosing rate
  • Remaining weight to switch over to fine dosing
  • Precise dispensing rate
  • Quantity of inflight


Breakdown of the load cells (out of calibration)

Powder dosing entails the variation of item and air. The hopper supplying the item must take in air, the hopper obtaining the item needs to release air. Air can not constantly be balanced normally from one hopper to an additional since the powder dosed works as a plug, hence filters are set up at each hopper to ensure venting.

If the breathing is hindered somehow, the stress in the receptacles will slightly alter. Basically, pressures are exerted on the hoppers and their connections. These forces will overlay the analyses of the load cells and will falsify the dosing. Nevertheless, compensating organisations have been created to restrict these impacts.

On-site monitoring is essential to identifying air balancing problems; for instance, observing flexible link inflation or caving in will offer valuable indications.


The significant sizing requirement for a set dosing organisation is to make sure a process time quick sufficiently for a clear quantity of item dosed, the mixture of both specifying the throughput of the connexion. When functioning in a GIW scheme, the components have to be dosed individually; as a result, the total dispensing period will be the total of all dispensing steps, including stablizing time in among each dosing. With the LIW arrangement, all elements can be dispersed in similar; consequently, the complete dosing time will amount to the lengthiest dosing action.


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