Master the Art of Cool Vaping Tricks: A Guide for Vape Enthusiasts

Vaping has become a popular pastime for many people, and beyond the simple act of inhaling flavoured vapour from a favourite vape shop, it has evolved into a creative and entertaining activity. Vape enthusiasts have discovered a variety of impressive tricks that showcase their skills and add an extra element of fun to the vaping experience.

In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of cool vaping tricks, exploring various techniques and providing step-by-step instructions on how to perform them. Whether a beginner or an experienced vaper, these tricks will help impress friends and elevate vaping sessions to the next level.

1. The Basics of Vaping

Before we dive into the world of cool vaping tricks, let’s quickly cover the basics of vaping for those who may be new to the scene. Vaping involves using an electronic device, commonly known as a vape or e-cigarette, which heats a liquid (e-juice or vape juice) to create vapour that is inhaled.

Vape devices consist of a battery, a heating element (coil), a tank or cartridge to hold the e-juice and a mouthpiece. The user activates the device by pressing a button or simply inhaling, which heats the coil and turns the e-juice into vapour. Vaping offers a wide range of flavours and nicotine levels, allowing users to customise their experience.

2. The Vape Shop: Your Go-To Resource

To get started with vaping and explore cool tricks, it’s essential to visit a reputable vape shop. Vape shops are specialised stores that offer a wide range of vape devices, e-juices, and accessories. They have knowledgeable staff who can guide in selecting the right equipment for the vaper’s needs and also provide valuable information about vaping techniques.

As an additional measure to be helpful, vape shops often host events, workshops, and gatherings where vapers can connect with like-minded individuals and learn new tricks. Don’t hesitate to visit a local vape shop to discover a world of vaping possibilities. Reputable online vape shops like NZVapor are always available digitally as well.

3. Popular Cool Vaping Tricks

Now, let’s explore some of the most popular cool vaping tricks that can be mastered with a little practice and dedication. Remember, safety should always be a priority when performing these tricks, so ensure that there is understanding of the proper handling of the vape device and e-juice in use.

4. Vapour Rings

Creating and manipulating vapour rings is one of the most classic and visually appealing vaping tricks. To perform this trick, take a drag from the vape device and hold the vapour in the mouth without inhaling. Next, shape lips into an “O” shape, and push the vapour out in short bursts using the throat muscles. With practice, the size and speed of the rings can be controlled, and advanced techniques like blowing multiple rings or connecting them together can also be accomplished.

5. Dragon

The dragon trick is all about exhaling vapour forcefully through the nostrils and corners of the mouth, which is said to resemble the breath of a dragon. To perform, take a deep inhale from the vape device, and then exhale the vapour quickly and forcefully. Simultaneously, curl the lips and release the vapour from the nostrils and corners of the mouth. This trick requires precision and timing to create a powerful and impressive visual effect. Therefore, practice in order to perfect the technique.

6. French Inhale

The French inhale, also known as the Irish waterfall, is a mesmerising trick that involves exhaling vapour and inhaling it through the nose simultaneously. Begin by taking a long drag from the vape device, allowing the vapour to collect in the mouth. Then, slowly open at the mouth and let the vapour flow out while inhaling gently through the nose. This technique creates a cascading effect as the vapour rises from the mouth and drifts upwards towards the nose. With practice, speed can be controlled as well as the intensity of the French inhale, which can create a captivating visual display.

7. Ghost Inhale

The ghost inhale is a trick that gives the illusion of exhaling vapour and quickly inhaling it back, making it disappear like a ghost. To perform this trick, the vaper takes a long drag from the vape device and holds the vapour in their mouth for a couple of seconds. Then they would push a small amount of vapour out of the mouth using a quick, forceful puff. Immediately after, the vaaper would inhale the remaining vapour back into the mouth. The key to a successful ghost inhale is speed and precision, giving the illusion that the vapour vanished in an instant. This too, can be perfected with practice.

8. Waterfall

The waterfall trick involves pouring out vapour from the mouth in a smooth, cascading motion, which gives the resemblance of a waterfall. To perform, take a long drag from the vape device and hold the vapour in the mouth. Slowly release the vapour by opening the mouth slightly, allowing it to flow downwards. After this, tilt the head back slightly, creating the effect of a waterfall. The vapour should pour out of the mouth in a mesmerising and continuous stream.

9. Safety Precautions

While performing cool vaping tricks, it’s crucial to prioritise safety. Follow these essential safety precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable vaping experience:

  1. Use a reliable and reputable vape device from a trusted manufacturer.
  2. Understand the specifications and limitations of the device, including battery safety.
  3. Choose high-quality e-juices from reputable brands to avoid any potential health risks.
  4. Practice tricks in a well-ventilated area to prevent excessive exposure to vapour.
  5. Never perform tricks near flammable materials or in crowded spaces.
  6. Keep your vape device clean and well-maintained to avoid any malfunctions.
  7. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for safe vaping.

10. Wrap-up and Conclusion

Cool vaping tricks offer a unique way to showcase vaping skills and add excitement to solo and joint vaping sessions. With practice, patience, and adherence to safety precautions, impressive techniques like vapour rings, dragon exhales, French inhales, ghost inhales, and waterfall effects can be perfected and ultimately mastered.

Remember, vaping tricks should be performed responsibly and in appropriate settings. Visit a favourite local vape shop for expert guidance, quality vaping products, and the opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts. Perhaps most importantly, get ready to embark on a journey of creativity and entertainment by exploring the world of cool vaping tricks. Happy vaping!

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