Popcorn Time Mod Apk v3.6.6 [Unlimited Movies/TV Shows]

Popcorn Time Mod Apk
Do not understand what to do in this lockdown? No worries. Today we have come up with a description of an app that will surprise you.

Popcorn Time Mod Apk, which is famous for movies and TV shows. We have provided the download link below. The Popcorn Time Mod Apk gives you unlimited movies and TV shows, which is very useful in your lockdown.

But the money you spend at the end of the month for this is difficult for many. So we organized this today. Make this lockdown enjoyable by downloading popcorn time Mod Apk.

People are turning to movie streaming services to cut this captivity. The demand is increasing day by day. Everyone is connecting these services on a smartphone or TV or PC. One of the best apps in this streaming service is Popcorn Time Up. Today we will talk about this application.

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What you will get in today’s event:

1. Popcorn time apk
2. Popcorn Time Mode APK
3. Updated version feature
4. Download link
5. What’s new in the new version
6. Download procedure
7. Installation procedure
8. Q&A session
You must read this entire article to download this application.

Popcorn Time APK: The Definition You Don’t Know

Our Popcorn Time APK has many movie streaming apps where you can find all the old and new movies. You will find an old film in the archive. Also, you can watch any video you want. You won’t see a time when ‘they can’t give you the movie you are looking for.’ From this application, you can go directly to the torrent. Again you can enter here from torrent. Popcorn Time APK locks movie files and brings them to your device instantly. And they are the ones who allow downloading.

This Popcorn Time App ranks at the top of the most used movie streaming apps. This app is the most searched in the Google Play Store compared to other apps. You will not find any existence of this application on any official site. This is a very dark web site. But today, we are sharing with you the latest updated version of this app. Below you will find the link. So, let’s start a journey with TechShim.com.

What is Popcorn Time Mod Apk:

Popcorn Time Mod is a hacked version of Popcorn Time Mod. Here you will find everything unlimited. Popcorn Time Up is usually of two types.

1. The free app – which is usually full of ads, makes you feel very annoyed with this type of service.

2. Premium – for which you must spend your own pocket money. Which will cost about $ 11,759 per month and about $ 139,610 per year, which is very difficult for many? In this lockdown, many people will not think about spending this money again.

So we have this event today to introduce you to our 3rd path. The 3rd way is the hacked version. You can even get its premium features at no cost when you don’t have to face any ads. You must be looking for something like that. But why the delay? Download this app now. But first, you need to know about its features. But let’s find out what benefits this hacked version will give you.

Popcorn Time Mod Version Info

Popcorn Time Version Info

App Name Popcorn Time Mod
Size 31 Mb
Version v3.6.4
Downloading N/A
Last Updated 22 March 2020
Category Entertainment
Mod Yes

Features of Popcorn time Mod Apk

Popcorn time Mod Before downloading Popcorn time Mod, you must know about its features. Its wildly popular features will amaze and delight you. You’ve wanted something like that for a long time. But let’s see what the characteristics of today’s Popcorn time Mod Apk are?


One of its main features is that its movies, TV shows, animations, etc. are all arranged. Here you can easily find your desired movies or TV shows. It helps in such a way that even if you use a low-quality smartphone, it will never be late. You can also put any movie or show of your choice in the favorite file by clicking on the heart option. So you can easily find these movies at any time.


Popcorn Time Mode app works on two things:
1. Movies and TV shows or talk shows
2. Animation movie/series
Only when you go to the main menu and point to the right will the options come in front of you. Now you can choose whatever you want. And the results will come out as soon as you ask.

Unlimited database

Popcorn time mod apk has enormous reserves. This application is full of unlimited movies, TV shows, etc. I can say with 101% certainty that you will never get tired after installing it because you can’t finish watching its unlimited movies. can i buy ivermectin over the counter in the philippines And all its films are super hits.

High-Quality Streaming

This application, with the highest streaming quality, is now popular with everyone. They promote 360p, 720p, 1080p, and even in 4K resolution movies.

Download movies for free

One of the fantastic features of this hack app is that you can download movies without any cost. At this moment, all you need to take is to choose the video and press the download button. Then any movie will start downloading. You can also download your language in the form of subtitles here.

Inbuilt VPN

All you need to do is use a VPN to run this app well. VPN is required for all functions of this application. Remember, VPN has to be added to all hacking applications. After completing the adjustment, then you can make an enjoyable journey.
If it doesn’t work with VPN, let us know in the comments with the VPN’s name, and we will try to correct it.

Push Notifications

Everyone feels comfortable watching new movies or TV shows. But due to a lack of news, we find a new film late. But if there is a new movie coming out and someone is going to inform. Yes, that’s right. In this hacked version, the notification option will first alert you when a new movie arrives.


Advertising is annoying to everyone. Imagine, now you are watching the avenger’s infinity war movie. What if the ad starts during Thanos and Captain America’s fight while watching Infinity War? How would you feel? Certainly not. And as a solution to this problem, we have come up with this hacked version, an ad-free application.

Best Movie App

Popcorn Time MOD APK is one of the best TV streaming apps in the world. Because there is no such thing as a TV streaming application to collect thousands of movies and TV shows, anyone who has used it will never deny its benefits. Give it a try yourself. A download link is provided.

Downloading process for the latest version of Popcorn Time APK?

Are you want to download MOD applications? Then search for TechShim.com. It is an easy task, like drinking water. You can also easily download Popcorn Time Hack APK by following the path given by us. We are showing you the download method step by step.

Round 1 – Download the Popcorn time Mod Apk: Delete the Popcorn time application if you installed it before. Then, take action for downloading the Popcorn time Mod Apk as soon as possible.

Round 2 – Management: After completing the download process, you need to manage and search for the Mod apk file.

Remind it – You Need to know that, without fixing the unknown source option, you can’t install the Mod/hacked Apk version.

The excellent video streamer app is now yours! After that, have you any trouble? Then, please communicate with us as to how fast you can. Or you can email us.

Popcorn Time Mod Apk Download

Download Link

Installation Procedure for Popcorn Time Mod APK?

This section is critical in today’s post. Here’s how to install the hacked application. You need to install according to the rules given below. ivermectin for birds canada

  • Firstly, you need to go to the settings option. Then you take a position in security option. After doing this, the device administrator setting is critical and then agree with the enable option for the installation of the Mod Apk from unknown sources. heartworm ivermectin dosing Go to the location in your device where you have saved the popcorn time apk file.
  • Click on the file and tap to install.
  • Wait for a few seconds.

FAQs about the Popcorn Time Mod APK

Many people search for Popcorn Time Mod APK on Google. But in most cases, they are deceived. Many become frustrated. But now you don’t have to be frustrated.

Again, new questions appear in the minds of many. But the answer is no. But we have organized this question and answer session for you.

You can ask any questions if you wish. Here are the answers to the most common questions you ask. Then, there have any difficulties, please let us remember. We will answer the question.

How reasonable is it to use Popcorn Time Mod APK?

If your country’s government provides an opportunity for an application on the 3rd site, then it is reasonable to use this app. But many states have restrictions on the use of these apps. Then you can use a VPN to write your address.

Is Popcorn Time Mod Apk Completely Free of Virus?

You can feel free to use this application because it will not harm your device. Because it has been tested more than a million times.

What kind of video quality does this application support?

It has HD, 720p, 1080p, and 4K types, meaning it can hold almost all kinds of quality.

How do you get the application?

You can find this application from TechShim.com. On this site, you will find hack verses of many more apps and games. So come back at least once.

Final Words

In this section, we produce informed of the newest update of popcorn time Mod apk. Our app is more effective and accessible than all other video streaming apps. Over millions of people from all over the world are using this app regularly in this lockdown. The demand for hacked versions has increased with the use of this application. Because of the Internet’s easy availability, so many people search for this hack or mode app. We have organized this for them today. If you have included them, you have certainly benefited. If so, please share this article.


Washim is an Bangladeshi tech based web blogger. Right now he writes for techshim.com excellent content Android Apps, Games and much more.

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