The Complete Deer Hunting Guide

Deer hunting is legal in Europe, Canada, and the US, and more people are venturing into it. Hunters hunt deer mainly for heat, population management, and pest control. Beginners are advised against hopping straight into deer hunting, as they must tick certain boxes first.

Getting detailed information regarding your target species is advisable before you start hunting because you are limited from pursuing certain species. Hunters should first consult wildlife professionals to determine which species is legal. 

Local people are more aware of deer populations, making them your best guidance source. Hunters should be practical when developing their hunting approach and dedicate time to knowing where the deer are situated on the hunting grounds.  Hunters can visit Squaw Mountain Ranch to get broader access to deer hunting.

Below we discuss the complete deer hunting guide.

What you Should Know Before Deer Hunting

As stated above, deer hunting is complex, and you need the proper guidance to know their location. It is not advisable to jump right into hunting, as you must first familiarize yourself with various hunting techniques and safety rules. 

The main factors to consider before hunting include;

  • Where to hunt

This is the most important thing to decide before deer hunting. Hunters should develop a clear mindset after studying different wildlife rules. They should also mark their best hunting locations on the map and visit them at least twice before hunting starts. 

Visiting the area before is beneficial since it gives you a clear picture of where your target animal will be at. 

  • Choose what to hunt

The next decision after determining where to hunt should be your target deer. Hunters should ask whether they want a female or male deer and which deer species they want. However, you are warned against hunting pregnant deer as this might bring issues with the law. 

Adequate planning will save you from unwanted confusion and save you time. 

  • The hunting day

Choosing the hunting day is essential, and you should consider various things. Hunters should determine whether they want to hunt at night or during the day, as it impacts their catch. Hunting during the rut fall is advisable, as more deer are available then. 

Remember, rut behavior is not the same in all deer species, and hunters should appropriately research the deer they intend to catch. 

  • Use a scent blocker

The most important thing to do before you reach the hunting zone is to apply the right scent blocker. Remember, deer smell humans from a distance, and this scent will come in handy. Scent blockers are ideal as they hide the human smell, enabling you to catch the animal. 

  • Wear the right clothing

Another vital thing to do before white tail deer hunting is to wear the right clothing. Deer has a high vision and can spot you if you lack the right clothing. They have a lower color vision than us, meaning they cannot see orange or glaring colors from a distance.

Final Thoughts

Deer hunting is fun, but you need the proper guidance as a first-timer. The above article has discussed the complete guide, and more information is available online. 

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