The Value of a User-Friendly AV Interface

Given the significance of AV systems to the level of productivity in many organisations, the ideal system choice often lies with the most user-friendly control interface. An intuitive and easily organised control interface, whether in tablet or keypad form, can result in cost-reduction and profit increase; employee frustrations around technological issues will decrease and less time and money will be spent on IT support. offers easily configurable control systems that are perfect for workplace projects. The available AV solutions are designed to last for years to come; they can be updated and scaled as necessary. While Neets offers professional AV devices, the price-point is reasonable, and the delivery and installation times are excellent.

Covid-19 Has Made Remote Work the New Normal

Combined with the natural evolution of technology and recent global developments because of the pandemic, video conferencing has become a day-to-day work-related task. Businesses and institutions had to rapidly shift into an online-centred way of operating. Some have been able to adapt more successfully than others. One key feature in a successful adaption to remote work, is the presence of high-quality AV equipment. If a microphone or webcam is not working smoothly, it can be a hindrance for everyone involved in a meeting.

A Centralised Control to Keep Everything Running Smoothly

An AV control system can be automated or manual, or switch between the two options. These products are intended to maintain the simplicity of the system organisation; everything can be addressed from a singular location.

An automated process can be a rather green solution; while individuals may make human errors such as forgetting to turn off equipment, an automated system ensures that no devices are running after a particular time. Furthermore, with a familiar organisation-wide interface, all employees can operate the system in a space regardless of which room they have booked.


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