Top four Men’s fashion tips that can up your styling game

Attire speaks a lot about your personality. Think of a situation when you see a boy with baggy clothes and a neatly shaved man dressed up in classic attire? You are sure to fall for the person in classic clothing, right? That is because dresses can address your persona and can build a huge impact on others. So are you someone who wishes to be impressive in their dressing while adhering to men’s fashion? Here you go- Read on to learn about the top tips from the experts that can help you walk in style with confidence:

Pay heed to your style

You will usually find people judging a book by its cover though it’s a famous saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. But, the reality is altogether a different story far ahead of such sayings. Thus your style and dressing sense is what a person sees at the first point to develop a notion about you. To build impressions, make sure that you work on your appearance and come out adequately groomed to make your personality outshine.

Whether you are wearing casual attire, a professional suit or a kurta for men, you should be able to emboss an impression in the mind of anyone who sees you for the very first time. For this, always wear clean, right fitted and crisp clothing coupled with a men’s watch to complete your looks.

Do not overlook your footwear

A pair of good shoes can take you to good places and thus it is essential for you to don on a pair of shoes that is neat, clean and stylish at the same time. A man is mostly judged by his choice of shoes. So you cannot afford to wear sports shoes all the time. Though these shoes serve to be multipurpose, you need to have the right pair of shoes if you want to dress to impress. Some people even consider shoes as a judgment scale to decide the net worth of a man, so you know how important they are to speak about your social status?

Consider investing in quality shoes but at the same time ensure that they are comfy to wear, or all you would end up with is limping while walking due to the discomfort that an ill-fitted pair of shoes may raise.

Be watchful about the fitting

While being at home, all you may want is to wear those cosy and comfy pyjamas, t-shirts or kurta for men. But when you step out of home and are particular about your style quotient, you cannot afford to do the same. In such a case, you need to be precise about the fitting. Baggy clothes won’t work out here.

In fact, loose fitted clothes may give you a shabby look, and talk ill about your fashion sense. So, while wearing an outfit, make sure that the right fitted clothes are a primary concern for you.

Do not religiously stick to the fashion trends

Trends come and go and may change with each passing day when you talk about men’s fashion. But you do not have to blindly follow everything that starts trending. Something that may suit your neighbor may not suit your style. And, you do not have to be in a hush-hush to get the same just because it is trending in the men’s market. Do not fall into such fashion traps and decide your own good and bad with a sane mind.

Chuck off worn-out clothing

Worn-out clothing can end up in a total disaster when you speak of men’s fashion. Never ever wear clothes that are torn or worn out; it can spoil the whole broth. That old pair of jeans that was your top favorite and one of the trendiest outfits you owned once upon a time may not treat you well during the current time. And, you need to understand the same and dispose of it to showcase your discreet style. Faded, torn, distressed and outdated attires can end as a fashion disaster, and you would probably not like to fall prey to it, right? So get over your old clothes and move ahead the past to don on clothes that can speak for you.


These were a few tips that you should follow to rule the fashion game. Whether you wear a kurta, a t-shirt, or any other men’s apparel, make sure that you follow the above tips to stay at the top of your men’s fashion style. Let your clothes and shoes speak for you!

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