What Are the Services Guests Expect from The Accommodation Providers?

Tourism and hospitality are the industry that depends on customer satisfaction more than any other industry. Guests always expect a bed where they can have a comfortable rest, a well-equipped bathroom and toilet, a neat and clean room. These are the basics that any customer will want. Some other things play vital roles in customer satisfaction.

Guest have some expectations while booking an apartment. Their expectations are defined by the pictures they saw on the website, the reviews of the previous guests, the description of the service, etc. the guests now expect some other things to be available in your apartamente in regim hotelier București. Here are they-

Instant Connectivity

Internet connectivity is now one of the most deciding factors of a customer. If the connection is poor, many guests will leave your facilities just because of the bad connection of the internet. Wi-Fi is an essential thing for some guests. Many of them don’t want to pay extra for it.

Digital Check-Ins

Instant connectivity is a theme that connects your phone for check-ins, and you will be provided with digital keys for your rooms. You can use your phone for boarding passes, reservations and also for managing different event tickets. Mobile connectivity saves a lot of time and hassles. So, guests can have quick and easy entry or exit.

You can also have your room number through a confirmation email. You can go to your garsoniere in regim hotelier Bucuresti after completing your mobile check-in.

Fast and Easy Booking

This booking procedure is directly planned for the guests. Having a good, easy and quick booking system makes the difference. If your company can give the customer a smooth experience in booking their apartment online, then they will be delighted with you from the very first moment.

Customized Experience

Technology can help you to give the guest a personalized experience. The generation growing under the technological influence will soon be the primary audience of renting an apartment. They will like to choose and fix their apartment for rest by pushing notifications only. If they can find an app for booking where every process is smooth, they will also feel very comfortable booking your cazare in regim hotelier Bucuresti. With the latest technology, you can give your guests a new and unique experience.


the new generation is comfortable in communication by text on the digital platform. As an accommodation provider, you should step up and set up an easy communication system. It will maximize your opportunities as an accommodation provider.

Your guests will also be encouraged to communicate if you set up these facilities. Replying to the guest queries can make them satisfied with your service.

Emotional Connection

Though Giving an apartment in rent for a short time is very different from hotels, the sector is still the hospitality sector. Here every unique view and feedbacks matters. A large number of people don’t want any disturbance in their time. But a considerable number of people also want human touch in their experience.

Even if the technology is available to enhance the guest experience, you will have to increase the revenue and deepen the engagement. Some customers will always be there who will want to contact a human at the reception. Guest who rents apartments doesn’t want to feel like stopping in a hotel for one or two nights.


Guests nowadays being attracted to environmentally friendly things. They can expect that your accommodations don’t harm the environment directly and you highlight an eco-friendly environment. Waste reduction, water-saving initiatives, renewable energy, etc., can attract and satisfy your guests.

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