What features you must look at in a visitor management system?

Choosing a VMS for your workplace or any other organization such as hospitals, schools, and others, is a very crucial decision. After spending the money, the Visitor Management Solution you buy should have all the essential features and work efficiently. Therefore, in this post, we are giving you a list of some features that you must look at in a visitor management system.

1. Cloud Storage

It is vital that the VMS chosen by you must have Cloud Storage. In a cloud-powered VMS, the data that your visitors enter will stay safe and obtainable to be analyzed anytime. So, for your reception staff, there is no more data entry responsibility. On the other hand, a paper-based visitor management mechanism is not safe and anybody in the workplace can get information regarding clients, contractors, and secret information too.

2. QR Scan Check-in

You should consider a VMS that comes with a QR scan check-in feature. Vizitorapp is a reliable company that 0ffer you Visitor Management software with the QR Scan Check-in. In this feature, when a visitor arrives at your reception then he or she needs to scan the QR code placed on the reception desk by using their smartphone. After scanning, the registration or check-in form will open where they have to fill in all the details and get permission to book a meeting with an employee. Hence, during the time of pandemic also, using this QR Scan Check-in feature is safe because the visitor isn’t going to touch any surface.

3. Digital Document Signature

A reliable VMS also protects data by asking colleagues to sign NDAs as well as other authorized agreements by Digital Document Signature. So, it’s an important feature because it reduces the number of files and other documents lying around the reception desk. In addition to this, it also saves a lot of time by simplifying the paperwork quickly.

4. Customize Visitor Badges

Visitor Management solutions also have a feature of badge printing. Customized ID badges can be printed quickly regardless of whether a visitor completes the check-in on arrival. Furthermore, in many cases, the ID badges can be scanned to gain access to zones at control points, which have been configured to grant authorization.

5. Contactless attendance system

Many firms, also look for a feature of a Contactless attendance system. This system has a face recognition service to identify the faces of workers and take attendance with face biometrics. It also handles the record of collected information and provides a detailed report of the attendance of employees.

6. Scalability

You must choose a digital visitor management system that scales according to your changing needs. Hence, if the number of daily visitors increases, it’s obvious that you don’t want to change your VMS package.

# Final Words

VMS in any workplace plays an important role in many ways. So, before taking any decision regarding purchasing a visitor management system you must consider all the features given above in the post. In addition, this will ensure a positive visitor management experience as well as offer security to the premises too.


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