Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our identity

Our identity is that we are all with

What kind of information do we receive, and why?


Visitor comments are one of the most important means of collecting data for us. We also help identify spam by collecting the user’s IP address and the browser user’s agent string.


Stay away from uploading pictures on the website. Because it is possible to collect your location from your photographs. Because it is possible to collect data of all your areas from your uploaded photos.

If you have any comments on our site, you can allow us to save your location, email, or website. Because by doing this, you will get notification of any of our next steps. Even if we reply to any other comment, you don’t have to write any details.

You can accept cookies from our browser if you visit our login page. We will set a temporary cookie for you to confirm that you accept this cookie. Cookies will not contain any personal data. You can turn off the browser as you wish and also open it again if needed.

You will be allowed to take your information on the screen as soon as you log in. We will set cookies for you after seeing them. These cookies last for two days, subject to your permission. But the screen options cookies will remain on your device for one year. And if you keep the remember option on, it will always serve you because there are typically two weeks. The cookies are removed as soon as you log out again.

If you edit or publish any information as you wish, additional cookies will be added to your browser, where there will be no personal information. And if you have edited something, it indicates a postcode that lasts 1 day.

Embedded the website

Embedded in any text on this website. The embedded content of any other website behaves similarly. You must have seen it.

Time to hold your data

When you comment, that comment and metadata are not retained for a specified period. So we keep your data in storage until the next version. Even later, your code can be automatically identified through follow-up if needed. It can also be approved.
For our website users’ convenience, we store the personal data provided in their profiles for any further needs. And this information is set up so that you can see your information. And can mail if anything needs to be added or deleted.
You reserve the right to change or delete any information other than your name. Our editorial team takes care of you all the time.

Your rights over your data

If you have any comments or accounts on this site, you can know any information on the site. You will also find out what information we have about you. You can request there if you want to change or delete your personal information. No information is stored here that could lead to administrative or legal problems.

User permission: does not store any information without the consent of its users. If you download or install an application, a notice is sent to your screen asking for consent. We store some of your personal information with your permission. You can delete that information if you want. But it is good to remember that whatever we save has legal authority.

What information is stored?

Information about your location

Your mobile device data: device type, operating system, device name
1. Data related to your PC: computer browser, operating system
2. Data about your actions on our website
3. Your comments and ratings
4. Your cookie information
5. Your IP information

What do we do with your information?

It is our sole duty to ensure the security of the system and always resolve backups and protect its privacy. We will only delete this information once you leave our policy.
Let’s see what is done with your information
1. Protect the system
2. To ensure your satisfaction with us
3. Maintaining contact with you
4. Take legal action if necessary

Important to note – we will not share your data with anyone. It is our responsibility to protect it and protect its privacy.

Policy change:
Nothing lasts forever. So there is no question about the sustainability of all policies. All we can say is that only Page’s authority can change and refine the system.

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