Terms of Use

Terms of use

Techshim.com is always at the service of its users. And in continuation of this, it provides online applications and games. Below we will share the terms of use with you. As if users are aware of their usage.

Special Note: All services of Techshim.com are approved for you.

Copy Right:
1. Here you can download and install any application at no cost. (Note: TechShim apk file not hosted, only share other website links in various places on the Internet)
2. Techshim.com does not allow the use of any of its personal property, such as branding, trademarks, logos, etc.
3. Techshim.com does not allow the copying of any information, content, or even text provided by us.
4. Only Techshim.com has the right to share anything on the website.
5. You may contact us if copying any assistance or service is necessary.
6. Techshim is not allowed to edit or manipulate said content.

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