AXX Media: My experience, CPM & earnings with them

I have been using AXX Media for a while to monetize my food blog – and after reading a recent review about them, I decided to share my own experience and performance with this ad agency.

Before jumping into this review, I should mention that my blog generates between 400,000 to 700,000 pageviews each month, with around 30% of that coming from the US.

What is AXX Media?

AXX Media is a London-based digital ad optimization agency. Their main service is advising publishers on the best ad networks for them to use to monetize their sites, depending on their website’s audience and other factors.

According to their website, they “leverage our data and experience with over 30 established ad networks to determine which one is best suited” publishers.

So, they are essentially an advisory service for publishers and allow you to benefit from their monetization expertise to easily find the best ad network for you, without requiring you to spend months and years experimenting with different ones.

This service is provided free of charge to all publishers. العاب للايفون

AXX Media also have their own video ad inventory, which I run on my blog to generate an additional income on top of my display ads revenue. سباق حصان

CPM and earnings

On average, my CPM (revenue for every 1,000 pageviews) with the ad network AXX Media referred me to has been around $21. This compares to the $5 to $7 CPM my blog had with Adsense, so I managed to increase my ad revenue by three to four fold.

Specifically, in July my CPM was $21.82. This resulted in me generating over $11,000 that month from approximately 510,000 pageviews.

In addition to my display ad revenue, I made $1,300 from video ads which I run directly through AXX Media (this equates to a video ad CPM of $2.54 for July.)

Other ways to monetize your website

In addition to display ads and video ads, an increasingly popular way to monetize web traffic is native ads.

These are content recommendation ads look more natural than traditional display ads, and they are usually displayed at the bottom of your blog posts or in the sidebar.

Native ads tend to have a much higher click-through rate (CTR) than display ads, but the revenue per click is much, much lower.

I previously used Taboola to run native ads, but after their ads only generated a CPM of $0.87, I decided it wasn’t worth it and removed them from my site. betrally However, native ads might work well for your website, so I would still recommend trying Taboola’s native ads.


Washim is an Bangladeshi tech based web blogger. Right now he writes for excellent content Android Apps, Games and much more.

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