Do you have the right skills to be a nurse?

It is no secret that to be a successful nurse, you must put in a lot of work to get the right qualification. This isn’t the kind of job you can opt for by shifting directly from a different field, such as accounting. You need to study and obtain the right credentials because the job requires you to care for people who are vulnerable. If you are thinking about becoming a nurse, here are some skills that will come handy.


You will have to be very articulate and vocal about advocating for the needs of your patients with the doctors on call. You will also have to deal with patients around the clock. You cannot be a bad communicator on the job.


As a nurse, you will never tend to a patient in a silo. You will always be working with other healthcare professionals, especially doctors, so you will need to understand how to work well as part of a team.

Physical and mental fitness

Nurses sometimes have to run around hospitals for long shifts. You will not be able to keep up with the job if you are in bad shape and lack physical strength. It also comes with some trauma and exhaustion that can have an impact on your mental health. You have to take care of yourself first to be able to take care of your patients. You will also need to take care of your immune system as hospitals are often breeding grounds for germs.


You became a nurse by earning it, not because someone handed it to you. Be very confident in your own instincts and gut feelings when it comes to patient care. Don’t hesitate to give your opinions and medical expertise when the situation asks for it.


The nursing profession needs people who are adaptable to changes because the work is very dynamic. Nurses tend to all sorts of patients from every age group with different diseases. One day you might be in one ward, and you might be called to another hospital entirely the next day. You have to be able to adapt to new environments to cope.

Critical thinking

As a nurse, you will have to come up with swift and sometimes creative solutions to your patients’ problems. Doctors only visit patients for a short while; it is nurses who stay on around the clock, so if something arises, your mind should be able to generate effective solutions.

If you haven’t found a program yet, consider joining the UIndy MSN-FNP program to get your nursing degree. Not only does the University of Indianapolis offer a well-rounded curriculum, but it is an online degree that you can balance with your current life.


Nursing is a very noble profession because you give so much of yourself to help others in the best way possible. It may be a challenging journey at times, but it is well worth it!

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