Edibles 101: How to Cook With Cannabis in 5 Easy Steps

Edibles are trending in popularity as more states legalize cannabis use for medical and/or recreational purposes.

They’re also a wonderful option for people who want to benefit from everything cannabis has to offer (improved sleep, enhanced creativity, pain management, etc.) but aren’t keen on smoking.

For anyone just in it for the high, edibles are known to provide a longer, more intense experience.

And in this robust DIY culture of ours, there are simple ways to make your very own edibles! That’s right, with a few key ingredients and straightforward steps, you can make your own edibles just like you would cook your own pasta or bake a cake.

If that sounds pretty great to you, stick around. We share how to cook with cannabis in five easy steps.

1. Select Your Strain

Though making edibles isn’t super complex, you do want to ensure you choose the right strain for the job.

To make the most of the CBD infusion you’re about to make, consider these tips:

  • Choose a strain that is higher in CBD and lower in THC.
  • Ensure it has a rich terpene profile (for the obvious reasons).
  • Choose an Indica or Sativa based on the high you prefer.

Once you have your chosen strain, break the flowers apart and let them air dry before you use them. Use a cannabis grinder to break up the dry weed so it’s ready for infusing.

2. Choose Your Base

If you want to make a successful edible, you have to choose an oil base. Cannabis is not water-soluble, but it is oil-soluble.

You can choose butter for your base, which is wonderful if you like morning toast. Using a high-fat oil, like coconut oil, is ideal for edibles, as the cannabis effects will be more pronounced.

Whether you prefer to make your own cannaoil or cannabutter, the choice is yours, and the process is the same.

3. Cook Your CBD and Base

Now that you have your prepared CBD and your chosen base, it’s time to mix them.

You will want to use about three parts oil to one part cannabis, or one stick of unsalted butter with one ounce of cannabis.

Add the base and your ground cannabis to a saucepan and cook over low heat for at least three hours. رهان مباشر The longer you cook it, the longer the cannabis will infuse and be more potent in your resulting edibles.

Some people use a slow cooker to make their infusions. If you prefer this method, you can cook your cannaoil or cannabutter for several hours or even up to three days.

4. Strain Your Infusion

Once your infusion is cooked, it’s time to strain it. Cheesecloth works best for the job, although you can use a mesh strainer.

Strain the oil while it’s still hot, but be careful not to burn yourself.

The goal is to strain the whole batch slowly, removing chunks of cannabis flower until the infusion is pure oil. Strain your mixture over a wide bowl before pouring it into a Mason jar.

Once your cannabutter or cannaoil is completely cool, seal the jar. You can store it in a cool, dry place until you’re ready to use it.

5. Use Your Infusion

Now it’s time to make some edibles!

What will probably strike you most as you start using your cannaoil or cannabutter is its versatility. لعبة الرهان الرياضي You can use them in both sweet or savory dishes, in drinks, snacks, and main dishes.

If you’re already a cooking or baking whizz, use your cannaoil or cannabutter in your favorite recipes in place of typical oil or butter. سباق احصنة

If you have no idea where to start, check out an edibles blog, such as Laurie + Mary Jane, for recipes and inspiration.


Now that you have the five easy steps for cooking with cannabis, you’re probably psyched to start crafting your own edibles!

Let your culinary imagination run wild. But always enjoy your edibles responsibly, especially at first.

Once you master your personal cannabutter or cannaoil recipes and know their effects, it will be easier to find new ways to enjoy them.

From breakfast smoothies to dinner salad dressing, the world of edibles are vast and inviting. If you find this DIY cooking exciting and want to explore even more interesting flavors, consider visiting Zamnesia.com. There you can find a wide variety of cannabis seeds with which you can grow your own cannabis plants and try out even more recipes.


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