NetSuite ERP Implementation [For Manufacturing Only

With the global manufacturing industry reaching a total output of $44.5 trillion, it has become a necessity for manufacturers to synchronize and optimize their businesses. From production to dissemination to maintaining payroll, all these departments should be collaborative and affiliative for the smooth working of the business.

ERP implementation has become the top priority of businesses of such huge magnitude to optimize business functioning. Oracle’s NetSuite is a cloud-based system that synchronizes business functioning. From the shop floor to the top floor, NetSuite’s manufacturing cloud ERP enables expanding firms to oversee, coordinate, and manage all aspects of their operations in one location.

Why NetSuite ERP Implementation?

NetSuite ERP implementation is:

  • Designed with manufacturers in mind. It manages procurement, production planning, and discrete manufacturing processes from a single platform.
  • Flexible as it has the strength and agility to support and adapt to your specific processes as they evolve.
  • Accommodates global enterprise resource planning. Its multi-language and multi-currency features assist business workflows and global supply chains regardless of location.

 Features of NetSuite ERP for the Manufacturing Industry:

Order Management with NetSuite:

With NetSuite ERP Implementation optimize inventory, minimize shipping costs, and improve the customer experience by automating essential operations and gaining access to real-time information. As consumer demands increase and supply chains get more complicated, delivering the perfect order becomes more crucial and challenging than ever. NetSuite Intelligent Order Management automates the processes of order promising, allocation, orchestration, and execution. As a result, fulfill orders efficiently based on global inventory availability and business rules.

Every time, provide the right order:

Expand your business while keeping labor costs under control. NetSuite enables you to automate fulfillment procedures, avoiding the need for duplicate order inputs that take time away from more important tasks. You can manage your orders in a single system with integrated order-to-cash operations. Combine this with sophisticated workflows for approval routing, pricing, and discounts to provide a consistent experience for consumers.

Scheduling and Planning:

NetSuite provides a flexible but straightforward real-time scheduling engine with finite and indefinite capacity scheduling. Balance supply and demand automatically, ensuring you have the correct inventory in the right location at the right time. NetSuite presents upcoming production with easy drag-and-drop tools in a classic calendar view or a Gantt chart. In addition, NetSuite provides a global picture of inventory regardless of where it is in production, allowing businesses to manage outsourced production as if they were manufacturing themselves. NetSuite also offers real-time inventory visibility, vendor location management and comprehensive distribution requirement planning (DRP) for multi-location planning.


Manage your suppliers and purchasing operations with visibility to guarantee you obtain the right items at the right price when needed. NetSuite was designed from the beginning to meet the demands of product-based organizations. It now includes several native capabilities, such as requests for quotes, blanket purchase orders, and buy contracts, to ensure that you have the right materials or things accessible at the right time and in the right place. Make the procure-to-pay process more efficient by spending wisely. NetSuite improves procurement by providing tools that better manage expenditure, streamline requests for products and services, and provide real-time insight throughout your operations.

Control of the Shop Floor: 

NetSuite makes it simple to collect information from the manufacturing process in a timely and reliable manner. It’s a critical component of a more precise timetable using planning and scheduling programs. NetSuite’s interactive tablet application provides real-time information from the shop floor. The tablet application is deployable via any browser and can correctly record what happens at each phase of the production process. In addition, the program displays an interactive work queue of all current and upcoming operations planned through the current work center.

Quality Control:

NetSuite enables you to provide high-quality items with little overhead. Define inspection plans, pass/fail criteria, collect data, and monitor all recorded outcomes. Increase quality while lowering expenses. NetSuite is specially developed to assist manufacturers of all sizes. CRM and marketing oversee the whole customer lifecycle. NetSuite CRM also provides robust sales performance tracking, order management, and partner management, easily connected with your NetSuite ERP and e-commerce platforms.

Why choose ERP Buddies for your ERP implementation?

ERP Buddies is a North American NetSuite solution provider (Software Vendor) with diverse experience in implementing ERP systems for multiple companies across broad industry verticals with a proper cloud solution. Our experts, assist clients throughout the entire implementation process with on-site support and consultation and additional assistance in customizing your system functionality to guarantee it meets your business needs. Our professionals are available internationally and make it a point to produce a seamless and good experience for clients, with offices in the United States, Canada (North America), the Philippines, India (Asia), the United Kingdom, and Spain (Europe).

As part of our after-sales services, we provide our clients with 160 hours of quarterly support. We help the client with the licensing process and its implementation and integration. Due to its steep learning curve, we train the client to use NetSuite, which is included in the implementation cost. It takes 66 days to go live. As NetSuite solution providers, we empower our clients fully.

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