Where Do Cloud Storage Really Reside?

Despite being used to power most of the mobile apps and websites used by people to carry out several basic tasks, the concept of cloud storage is still unclear to a lot of people. 

In a nutshell, cloud storage means storing data on the internet. It allows data to be stored and utilized on the web. ivermectina tomar em jejum This means even though your data is not stored on your local hard drive, it can still be accessed at any time and from any device.

Now that you know what cloud storage is, you must be thinking about where then is the data stored? Well, we will provide you with answers to these questions as you read on. 

In this article, you will learn the basics of cloud storage, cloud computing, and where stored data go. 

What Is The Cloud?

We cannot talk about cloud storage without first knowing what the cloud is. This place referred to as “the cloud” exists in data centers and can only be accessed via the internet. A data center is made up of networked computers working hand-in-hand to provide computing services online. However, due to virtualization, the hardware in the public cloud can’t be accessed physically, however it can be controlled remotely through a web interface. Virtualization is what allows computing resources to be distributed efficiently around the cloud. Here, virtual machines are created by subdividing the memory, computing power, and storage of a machine into smaller units for them to run independently. 

Cloud Storage Vs. Cloud Computing

To fully understand how cloud storage works and where it resides, you should understand its relationship with cloud computing as well as its differences. 

Cloud storage involves storing data up in “the cloud”. However, the cloud is hardware that can only be accessed via the internet. It is usually kept in a remote location; a data center. When data is being sent to the cloud, you are sending it to a data server. This data server is maintained by a cloud provider and it can be compared to storing your data on their hard drive rather than yours. Cloud storage systems are usually made up of hundreds of data servers that are linked by a master control server. 

Cloud computing on the other hand allows you to connect to a remote computing system via a network. Here, you can utilize the data in cloud storage and yield more meaningful output. Cloud computing frees users from the burden of maintaining and updating the system because that is the duty of the cloud provider. ivermectin vs albendazole vs praziquantel  

Where Is The Cloud Storage Located?

Anything you send to the cloud or any operation carried out from the cloud can be found on dedicated servers. These servers are stored in volumes in a warehouse and there are campuses filled with these warehouses. ivermectin oral malaysia   Data centers are mostly owned and maintained by cloud providers. They are situated in various locations across the world. Therefore, you cannot say where exactly on the globe your data resides. As a business owner considering cloud storage, dedicated hosting with ServerMania can be a good start. 

How Safe Is The Cloud?

Knowing that your data is out there somewhere after storing it on the cloud raises the question of safety. Fortunately for us, all, most genuine cloud storage providers strive to make cloud storage more reliable and safer by storing backups in different locations. The data centers have efficient smoke detecting systems and measures against natural disasters. These centers are usually top secret and are always guarded against intruders and internal threats. Cloud providers also make use of an authentication process that allows you alone to gain access to your data. 

Finally, you should know that a data center security can always be breached. Where there is authentication, passwords can be hacked. Your data may not also be immune to searching and seizing by governmental bodies. Does this mean cloud storage should be dismissed? No! 

Cloud providers are known to be very conscious about their reputation. For this reason, they go the extra mile and do everything possible to ensure maximum data protection. However, it is safer to keep sensitive information on your personal computer or a private cloud behind a firewall. 


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