10 Mandatory Questions To Ask When Choosing A Virtual Event Platform

As we look around, we can see an ongoing chaos from the pandemic outbreak, unprecedented lockdowns, and uncertain future. While all of this sounded very new to the entire world in 2020, organizations and professionals are guarded in 2021 for any upcoming uncertainties. 

Talking of which, do you realize how organizations have swiftly functioned online for over a year now? 

It is not only appreciable, but magnificent. Most industries adapted to the online work culture and contributed to the social distancing norms. But as we set into 2021, we can see rising cases of infected patients all over the globe, and can predict the upcoming restrictions to control the surge. 

Now that we understand virtual platforms are our lifelines in successfully operating businesses, are we equipped with the right platform that empowers our needs and profits? 

Think again, do we have the right online event platform to support our needs? 

Surely, you might need help in finding an answer to the question and being the best judge. So we list here ten important questions that will help you in evaluating your existing virtual platform. And in any case, if you find yourself on the negative side and are exploring your options, make sure you find answers to these ten questions before applying to the subscription. 

Ask questions about the communication feature

Communication is the most important feature that you must look at when choosing a virtual event platform. Your objective when conducting online events is to engage with your attendees and help them gain knowledge or market your product. 

Communication features in virtual event platforms come in packages like live audio, two way live chats, one-on-one chats, or group chats. 

If you come by any such platform with a strong communication channel, shortlist it and proceed to find answers to the upcoming questions. 

Look for the different types of engagement features

Gone are the days when virtual events would be just following PowerPoint presentation slides, mostly portraying a single line communication. These days, events are more interactive and attendees look forward to attending events that bring in some latest technologies to play with and get awestrucked with. 

When we list engagement features, look for options such as mobile application, live Q&A session capabilities, live polls, surveys, gamification, quizzes, contests, and more. 

If you ever come across any good virtual event platform with all these engagement features, along with a great communication feature, shortlist it. 

The capability of the platform to track, record, and store event data

Data is the new oil for any initiative, and events are mostly conducted to generate data about attendees who love your product, or are intrigued with any product feature. Imagine, you could generate a continuous stream of income with the relevant audience, would you miss on that chance? 

Being able to track, record, and store the event data is important. You get deep insights into your audience behaviour and explore ways to engage with them. ivermectin for 150 pound dog  

Sometimes, these existing sets of hot audience help to bring in more leads, thus giving you a fair opportunity to cash. 

If you come across any such platform with the three features mentioned above, you know you are on the right track!

Can you monetize?

Everything you do today is only to generate revenue. You put in efforts to market your product or services; you put in efforts to conduct events; all to generate revenue. 

Before you move ahead with your shortlisted event platform, analyze how good the platform is with monetization efforts. It helps the marketers and the vendors to sell more to the unique customers. ivermectina preço pacheco bula  

Check out the audience capping feature

Audience capping features might be helpful for a few, but not so preferred by many. Suppose you can only conduct events with 500 or 1000 participants, would you love to cap the eyeballs of those who wish to check out your product or service?

When your answer is a NO, then make sure to check this important feature before you shortlist any online virtual event platform. 

Ask more about customizations and branding features

Customization and branding features are very important, even if we don’t realize. With many event organizers going crazy these days, for attendees to be focussed on your brand, you need awesome branding options. 

Check if you can create 3D virtual booths with company branding, or brand the event window, before you shortlist any of the virtual event platforms. 

Can you integrate social media?

Social media is a platform that can leverage in fulfilling all your marketing and sales efforts. When you conduct virtual events, it is also important that you brand yourself on social media platforms. 

If your shortlisted virtual event platform lacks social media integrations, you must be on your next hunt!

The feature to upload pre-recorded content

Even during live events, you can use pre-recorded video snippets. Also, you can conduct events with pre-recorded videos. 

There are many virtual event platforms in the market that lack this tiny yet powerful feature. And if you haven’t shortlisted your platform yet, look forward to this mandatory feature always. 

Can you webcast?

As the lockdowns were relieved from the past few months, many organizations opened. They were working in full capacity, hosting webinars, and sharing knowledge. Now webcast is a feature that lets you conduct hybrid virtual events. ivermectin dose schedule dog mange  

Attendees who are participating virtually can also attend the webinar at the same time as the in-person attendees. 

We may be in an uncertain situation these days with the lockdowns, but once everything is back to normal, webcasting will come to you as an important feature. 

If you are someone who plans their future well, then make sure to choose an event platform with webcasting features. 

Analytics report

Most of the virtual event platforms provide analytics, but analyze if they produce detailed analytics. 

Analytics help in understanding the hotspots where the attendees engaged, and the areas of improvement. 

If your chosen virtual event platform lacks analytics, then go for your hunt!

However, we can save you! 

Yes, you read that right!

Goldcast is an exclusive virtual event platform that can save you from all the hunting efforts. We understand that the market is filled with event platforms, but we have also analyzed the key features that an organizer might need during these tough times. 

Goldcast is empowered with all the features mentioned above and is on admission to leverage the business owners with the top-notch virtual event platform. 

If you are a business owner struggling to find your right choice, get in touch with us and empower yourselves with the latest technology to grab more eyeballs. 


Washim is an Bangladeshi tech based web blogger. Right now he writes for techshim.com excellent content Android Apps, Games and much more.

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