Best Cat Breeds for Youngest Ones

Cats enjoy the attention of their humans, but only when that works for them. Unlike dogs, which are highly social animals and show obedience and trust towards humans, felines as pets strive to be independent and stubborn. ivermectin for treatment of covid It’s in their nature of an individual hunter. That is not exactly what you expect from an animal that will be a pet for your kid. ivermectina 6 mg dosis perros

But certain breeds are excluded from this rule and are an ideal choice for your youngest. Felines can be wonderful pets and play an essential role in teaching children about responsibility and caring for animals. It is crucial to introduce your kids to a new pet before you bring them home. Find out how to explain to children about taking care of a new furry family member at this link.

American Ragdoll

One of the favorite domestic breeds, the American Ragdoll, has a larger body size than most of the other cats. They have a sleek, beautiful ruff of hair. These kittens are great companions and excellent hunters. But they are also gentle, eager for attention, and love to be petted.

After getting enough playing, the Ragdoll will just collapse on your kid’s lap and cuddle. They look like toys, after which they got their name. The American Ragdoll is definitely the best to have if you have kids of any age. These pets get along with the youngest ones and are very devoted to their owners and other animals.

Birman Cat

One of the favorite breeds of many families, the Birman Cat, has a laid-back and easygoing attitude. Though not the biggest or the fastest, these felines love to play and be around their humans. You can even walk them on a leash because they are very calm and don’t pay too much attention to other animals.

The Birman is not the best breeds for babies and toddlers since they tend to get nasty if your kid pinch, twitch, or pull their tail. But if you have preschoolers and older kids who are thoughtful toward animals and would rather spend time in active play, then the Birman could be the perfect pet for them. ivermectina 70 kg Birmans are great at getting attention since they love to purr and cuddle with owners.

Burmese Cat

With their elegant looks and dignified posture, Burmese cats are real supermodels in the feline world. Yet, beneath the glamorous exterior lies a real playful furball that your kids will adore. Many owners will confirm that these kittens are pure love and probably the gentlest members of this animal species.

Medium-sized, these cats are great athletes. They are easy to maintain and are known for their sociability. Burmese easily adapts to a busy lifestyle, so they are an excellent choice for families with many children. What’s great about these felines is that they keep their playfulness even in later years. And since these pets have a long lifespan, your youngsters will have a great furry friend by their side for a long time.

On the following link, you can find some fun games to play with your furball:


Siamese kittens, or generally any oriental species, are an excellent choice for children, but those older ones. These kittens have inexhaustible energy, and it suits them when someone mentally stimulates them. The youngest ones often don’t know how to do that; they would just chase and hold Siamese in their arms.

With these furballs at home – fun is guaranteed. These felines are born entertainers and have inexhaustible energy. They love to spend time with their humans. As long as your little kids want to play, so will they. If you don’t pay attention, these felines will often play with your hands or pants.

Bengal Cat

Another oriental breed that kids will find interesting is the Bengal. Their distinctive fur makes these felines look beautiful, so kids will love them. Medium-sized, these cats look wicked at first glance because of the unusual spots that make them resemble tigers and frequent meowing. But they are actually real goodies.

Bengals are very affectionate toward their tiny humans. Also very smart, they are easy to train and learn many tricks. Your youngest ones will enjoy playing with these cats, but you must teach them about limits. Make sure to introduce these felines into your family as kittens, so they get used to kids from their early age.

Maine Coon

There are a lot of different reasons why Maine Coon Cats are considered to be one of the best cats for kids. They are very affectionate and great companions for children. These big felines tend to bond closely with the youngest ones, especially when they act like real owners. Don’t be surprised if you spot your Maine Coon following your toddler all day long.

Even though they are considered tough ones due to their size, Maine Coons are actually gentle giants. This breed has the nature of a kitten throughout its life. They can be silly sometimes and over-vocal, so they are not the best choice for apartments. These large felines will be loving nannies to active kids. But when they want, they will be thrilled to join them in the game.

Different breeds of cats can be highly affectionate and useful animals that really help kids understand the responsibility and care of animals. It’s best if you could introduce pets to your kids from their young age. After all, you are in charge of making this pet-tiny human relationship work well.


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