Is the Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow Waterproof?

A major concern one could have regarding a bath pillow is its ability to dry. The last thing you want is a moldy bath pillow due to its inability to either repel moisture or dry quickly. Luckily for you, this will not be a concern when using the Everlasting Comfort waterproof bath cushion! You may not know that there is a large market of bath accessories for adults due to the wellness market.If you are unfamiliar with bath accessories you may be wondering what exactly is a bath pillow? These pillows come in shapes and sizes but they are all designed with the purpose of providing some level of comfort in your tub. If you are not a frequent bath taker you may not know about its positive effects. Taking hot baths has many positive benefits to your physical and mental health. Before we jump into the positive benefits of baths let’s discuss why the Everlasting Comfort pillow is the best on the market! 

What is awesome about the Everlasting bath pillow is its amazing innovative design. Its ergonomic design used with waterproof materials allows you to have the most relaxing bath as possible with little to no maintenance! Its quick drying breathable mesh cover is the material that makes the Everlasting Comfort bath pillow durable. This cover holds up extremely well underwater, which is very important considering it will be submerged with each use. The mesh offers better water and air permeability. It allows water and air to flow through the pillow easily. Furthermore, the mesh is fast drying. Some bath pillows use regular fabric. This is a poor design choice because regular fabrics can make your pillow soggy and run the risk of growing mold if it does not dry completely. This is not a concern with Everlasting Comfort’s products. The mesh cover allows the pillow to dry quickly while also preventing water from settling in the foam. 

The reason why this is the best bath pillow on Amazon’s marketplace is its unique design. You may have concerns about how this bath pillow dries. Everlasting took this into account during their design process. The pillow has a built-in drying hook. Its purpose is to allow easy and fast drying time. All you have to do is simply use the hook to hang it in your bathroom and let it air dry. Its design takes up minimal space and is easily stored once it is fully dry. The built-in hook creates a stress free environment after your bath is done. Furthermore, the everlasting pillow was designed with a breathable mesh cover. The mesh offers better water and air permeability for fast drying times. With this cover your pillow will always stay dry and fresh for future self care nights. With other bath pillows you have to be cautious of water buildup and potential mold growth if the pillow does not dry fully. Everlasting made sure their design prevented this from happening if used with proper care.

This pillow is super user-friendly! Another user-friendly feature is how easy the Everlasting Comfort bath pillow is to clean. A major concern with bath enthusiasts is if their bath pillows can be cleaned properly. If made cheaply without proper instructions a bath pillow can retain water and grow mold. Obviously, no one wants that and wants their products to last! Everlasting Comfort has you covered with very easy cleaning instructions so that your pillow has a long life. Simply hand wash your pillow with cold water and mild detergent without bleach. Use the drying hook to air dry the pillow after each wash.

There are so many reasons why any adult would want to add baths into their routine! Baths are a great way to take time alone without any distractions. There are many health benefits that hot baths provide. One of the many benefits of taking hot baths is that it assists with regulating the nervous system. It is one of the best sensory self care activities. If you suffer from issues with body temperature regulation or pain, baths are a great at home treatment since the hot water can help reduce stress. The added benefit of adjusting your body temperature with warm water can assist with helping you sleep better. Those who suffer from insomnia can take a hot bath before bed and can see results in falling asleep faster. This is because when the body cools off it signals to the brain that you are ready for bed. Plus, since baths are relaxing your mind will be more at ease which in turn will also help you fall asleep faster. Run and hot bath, throw in your favor bath bomb, lay on your bath pillow and reep all of the relaxing benefits! Don’t wait! Take this basic step to take care of your physical and mental health in a whole new relaxing way!

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