Best Cities To Live In California?

California is one of the most prominent places which have tourists from all over the world; no wonder why it is such a good place, many people think of settling here. We assume you’ve decided to move to California. Finding a perfect international movers is just first step but finding a perfect city is second step.

If you are planning to live in California, then you should know what cities to live in; many cities in California can amaze you with their beauty. Various factors determine whether the city is good to live in or not. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best cities to live in California.

San Francisco

First, on the list, we have San Francisco which is one of the best cities to live in California; the metro population of this city is 4,673,221 and the average median home price in this city is $782,350. The city is known to be a fun city with a strong job market, that is the reason new residents are attracted here from all over the world. Yes, the real estate market of San Francisco is quite expensive. The city is known for the urban environment, top restaurants, and the thriving job market it has.

San Jose

San Jose is home to around 2 million people. It has a median home price of $1,024,650. The home prices of this city are even more than that of San Francisco. If you are searching for a place with a happy and healthy lifestyle, then for sure you can visit San Jose and settle there. San Jose is considered to be the second happiest city to live in the US; San Jose attracts people from all over the world because of the job market it has.

San Diego

Next on the list, we have San Diego which has a metro population of 3,302,8333. The median home price for the city is $564,092. This city in California has sunny weather and a warm climate throughout the year. tippmix foci eredmények The average annual salary of people in San Diego is $58,090, and a low unemployment rate. The place is known to have a warm climate, beaches, and fascinating restaurants. San Francisco is also one of the best coastal cities in California. People living here can discover various types of outdoor activity.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the second-most populous city in the US after New York City, with a metro population of 18,629,045. The city has a healthy job market but a relatively higher cost of living. campobet kaszinó online LA is known to be the city of dreamers. The city is located in Southern California. The city is known for the film industry. There is the Hollywood Walk of Fame and various Hollywood productions that you can find here. The city is well versed with its accommodations and amenities. If you want to enjoy your day outdoors, then this is one of the best cities to live in California. You can find various world-class restaurants here and also the true cosmopolitan vibe.

Santa Rosa

Now on the list is Santa Rosa, which is also one of the best cities to live in California. Santa Rosa has a beautiful wild country and if you want to experience living in the middle of California wild country, then Santa Rosa might be the best option for you. The city is known for its livability. There are various amazing restaurants here, a shopping point, and also a stable housing market. You can enjoy the sunny weather throughout the year. The metro population of Santa Rosa is around 501,317 with a median home price of $608,367.


It is one of the most popular places in California. What makes it popular is its friendly, healthy, and affluent residents. This is the number one happiest city in America. This place in California has very low crime rates, sunny weather, and a stable housing market. The cost of living is affordable, but real estate is quite expensive here. If you are searching for a place to live in California then you can for sure think of settling in Fremont.


Fresno is also one of the best cities to live in California. Fresno has a metro population of around 978,130, and a median home price of $261,233. The city is located in the San Joaquin Valley. One can find various agricultural practices going on here. This is the reason why the city is best known for its connection to Agriculture. Fruits like tomatoes and peaches are considered to be the most common crops that are grown here. The median home price of Fresno is considered to be much lesser than most of the cities in California. This is also one of the reasons why Fresno is one of the best cities with good livability in California.


Because of only 433,212 residents, Salinas is included in the list of smaller California metro areas. Salinas does not sit directly on the coast and other parts of the metro area such as Monterey are on the water. This is the reason why they have visitors from all around the world. Many residents are attracted to live in Salinas. If you are thinking of settling in a metro city in California, then Salinas can be your choice for sure. The average annual salary people get here in Salinas is $49,700.


This city of California is situated in the Orange country of California. There are various things for which Irvine is very well famous. Few things that are well known about Irvine are its rapidly increasing job market, pleasant weather, family-friendly atmosphere, and safe environment. The crime rate is quite low here, thus making it a safe place for one to live with their family. Irvine is considered to be exceptionally livable and that is because of the high number of amenities it has. It is better option for you to know about

Milli Valley

The city has A+ amenities with stable housing. The city is marked safe because of low crime rates here. tippmix ujsag Milli Valley is located around 14 miles north of San Francisco. You can find here various parks to spend time, beautiful surroundings. There is a major urban center that is located close to this city. The city of Milli Valley is known for its education system and the schools it has. Milli Valley has some of the most prominent schools in California. If you are with your kids, then probably this is one of the best places to settle. International Driving License United States is the most popular agency in the world.

Final Words

If you are searching for the best place to live in California then these are the towns and cities you can go for. These are easy to commute to and are safest in terms of crime. Though not the great place to retire, but yes with median income one can live here. If you are searching for metropolitan and big cities in California then you can go for these cities. These cities rank high when it comes to nightlife, and livability.


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