What Do You Mean Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a Technology where intelligence demonstrated by machine. This technology is rapidly spreading in all types of electronic devices. It is the simulation of natural intelligence in machines programmed to understand and copy humans’ actions. شرح لعبة بينجو These machines can learn with experience and do tasks the same as a human. Today, the entire recruitment and staffing industry is using the power of AI in the form of Applicant Tracking System or ATS. These machines can learn with experience and do tasks the same as a human. There are three types of Artificial intelligence;

  1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI),
  2. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI),
  3. Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI).

ANI is the primary stage of artificial intelligence. These Artificial intelligence systems are programmed to solve a single problem and perform a single task well. Like the name, it has limited capabilities to do a task like recommending a product for online sellers and buyers or assuming the weather. It is the most common form that AI technology is used nowadays. The following advanced AI technology is AGI which is still theoretical thought. tIt termed Artificial Intelligence, which has a human cognitive function level, can perform various domains such as computational functioning and reasoning, language processing, image processing, etc.



It is needed a long time for building an AGI system. This system would need to connect so many Artificial Narrow Intelligence systems working in tandem, transferring information to copy human reasoning. The most advanced AI technology is Artificial Super Intelligence. An Artificial Super Intelligence system would be able to cross all limits of all human capabilities. كازينو ٨٨٨ AI technology systems would work on decision-making, rational decisions, and even better art and build emotional relationships. لعب روليت حقيقي After achieving the AGI system, machines would do works in nanoseconds that a human never dreamed of. The purpose of the technology is to help human to take advanced decisions with far-reaching consequences. But the consequences of machine learning is unknown, and uncertain.AI technology can be very helpful or very harmful in future because the result is unknown to this technology. This technology should carefully handle in future with flawless supervision.

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