Different Ways Insurance Adjusters Will Try To Trick You in a Car Accident Claim

Getting into a car accident is one of the most devastating situations for the victim and those around them. Various factors contribute to a car crash or a collision. rabbit ivermectin overdose When you inform the insurance company about the car accident, there are chances that they will try to stall your claim. Since the insurance company’s ultimate goal is to save their money by releasing minimum compensation, they will ensure you get tricked into their manipulation. 

Therefore, it is advisable to avoid speaking to the insurance adjuster unless you talk to Jefferson city mo car accident attorney.

Various ways an insurance adjuster will stall your claim. 

  • Asking for a recorded statement. 

After a car accident, the insurance adjuster will approach you to give a recorded statement. A recorded statement is your statement about how the accident happened, the injuries and damages you incurred, the treatment you are undergoing, and more. However, avoid giving a recorded statement unless you speak to an attorney. Instead, the victim can opt for a written statement. A written statement allows you more time and ensures that you do not accidentally say anything that harms your claim. 

  • Use your social media against you. 

If you are someone who likes sharing all the details of your life on the internet, you may stop that when you file for a car accident claim. Even if your profile is set to private, there are chances that the insurance adjuster will try to keep an eye on your social media activity. Suppose you post an old picture or video of enjoying yourself on vacation (where the exact date of the image is missing). In that case, the insurance adjuster will claim that you are exaggerating your injuries and that you are completely fine. 

  • Asking you about your treatment for physical injuries. 

The insurance adjuster will appear concerned for your injuries and often ask you how you are doing. Remember, the insurance adjuster works for the insurance company and is not in your best interest. ivermectin horse wormer paste Even if you reply saying you are doing ‘okay’ or ‘fine,’ your words will be used against you and harm your claim. ivermectin tablets for humans canada Therefore, avoid giving details of the treatment you are undergoing or how long you will need to recover unless you have spoken to a doctor about the same. If not, you may politely refuse to speak about it. 

  • Trying to prove that you were at fault too. 

One of the most crucial reasons lawyers advise victims to gather as much evidence against the at-fault party as possible is that the insurance adjuster will not leave a single chance to prove that you were at fault. Even if you know the other driver was negligent, the insurance adjuster will use your words against you to confirm that you were at fault too. Hence you apologize for your mistake. 

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