Get Your Billboard Noticed in the 1st Most Populous City in D.C.

If you are a business in the Washington DC metro area, this guide is for you. We’ll show you how you can get your billboard noticed. The Nation’s capital is at the heart of the DMV (short for DC, Maryland, and Virginia).

Lots of people are commuting via the beltway while others are traveling via Metro. If you are a business, you want your Washington DC billboards to get noticed. Because you may have someone passing through become your next paying customer.

If you are building a brand or need to get more business, keep reading. Let’s continue now with steps on how you can get your billboard noticed by commuters in Washington DC.

1. Know yo ur location

One of the vital importance of a billboard getting spotted is the location. You can make sure that the areas with the highest amount of traffic may be filled up for now. If there’s a spot open, be prepared to pay a pretty penny.

So it’s important to be strategic about where to put your billboards. At the start, see if you can get it as close to your business as possible.  This way, your potential customers won’t have to travel too far.

2. Keep it simple

The message is important. So is the overall design. You want to keep it as simple as possible.

You don’t want it to be distracting to the point where drivers won’t take their eyes off of it. Because your billboard may cause a multi-car pileup. So you want to keep it as simple as possible.

It can be a simple picture and a few words. That’s it. One great way to determine the design of your billboard is the ‘business card trick’.

Take a business card you might have and hold it an arm’s length away. That is the equivalent of a driver noticing your billboard as they are approaching it. A simple design will make it easier for them to absorb and remember the information provided.

3. Go bold

If there is one thing you can do, it’s making your message as bold as possible. In other words, you’ll want to make the billboard ‘pop out’. You’ll want it to stand out to where it can get someone’s attention for a moment.

This is where your creativity can really face a test that can make or break your advertising campaign. If needed, don’t be afraid to go risque, but not too much.

4. Think about the emotion and the action

A lot of people will buy a product or service based on emotion. What kind of emotion are you capitalizing on to where they can be able to take a certain action? They might be thinking ‘I’ll look good if I get this haircut’.

You want them to feel good about choosing your product or service. craftymagazines So imagine your ideal customer happy after they have done business with you.

5. Choosing the right colors

Sometimes, the best color will make a billboard stand out. To be more specific, you want to use contrasting colors based on the landscape or surrounding area. So it can be blue, green, or even red.

Finding the right color will ensure that the billboard is readable. On top of that, it should also catch the attention of passer-byers. Also, it may be wise to make sure the color (regardless of what it’s used for) does not clash.

For example, yellow font and white background don’t mix. Get the idea?

6. Choosing the right font

First of all, you want the font to be legible. Another key idea to remember is that it needs to be read from at least 1000 feet away. When it comes to choosing fonts, you want to steer clear from non-serif fonts.

Also, you don’t want to do anything that’s too fancy and unreadable. So you’ll need to choose a serif font that is clean, crisp, and easy to read. The lettering will also need to be large as well.

Depending on the color of the background, you will also need to consider the coloring of your font. Once again, don’t choose a color that will make the font hard to read.

Final Thoughts

If you are in the Washington, DC area and want to advertise a business, your billboard might be your best friend here. As long as you simplify the design and put it in the right place, it should be successful.

DC is one of the most populated cities in the United States. In fact, the large metro area itself has a solid media market. If you are a business in and around the nation’s capital, place your billboards as close to your business as possible.

Also, make sure it’s a memorable design for those passing through. They might remember some of the details and even become your next paying customer bestnewshunt .  

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