All that you need to know about trisodium phosphate?

Even though we all are surrounded with various types of chemicals , we are always afraid of using them. One such chemical or as rightly known, a cleaning agent, is TSP cleaner. Now you must be wondering what is TSP cleaner? Well, it is a very common compound that is often found in various types of cleaners available around us for our household cleaning processes. 

In this article, we will solve all your queries related to TSP cleaner, as many people are already using it to clear various surfaces, therefore, they all must be wondering about the essential facts about the trisodium phosphate. 

What is trisodium phosphate? 

So as we are discussing all the facts related to trisodium phosphate, thus, it is also necessary to know what trisodium phosphate actually is. You might have read about the process of neutralisation, or have read about it in your chemistry book. So it is time to recall that. 

Trisodium phosphate is created through a chemical reaction between phosphoric acid, and sodium hydroxide. When an acid and alkali reacts, as a result a salt is created, in this case, it is called the trisodium phosphate. 

It is more like a salt, and has a crystalline structure. However, its crystals are slightly bigger than sodium chloride. One can easily mix it in water, and create a solution. For most cleaning agents, they use a mixture of trisodium phosphate, only when you are bound to use the sodium triphosphate alone, you must mix it with water to make a solution. 

   Is it safe to use trisodium phosphate? 

So the first thing that would come to your mind while using any type of chemical would be safety. No one wants to burn himself while cleaning stains. 

So let us answer the most common question about trisodium phosphate. Yes, it is safe and not bad for you. If it touches your skin, you will not feel any type of burning; however, if you do, then chances are that your skin is already bruised. 

As trisodium phosphate is a salt, thus it has minimum harm. Due to its incredible uses, many frozen food and slaughterhouses are also using the trisodium phosphate. Now you must be wondering if it is harmful to eat? Well, it is not. Fortunately, eating a trace amount of trisodium phosphate will never harm you, however, one must not eat it in bulk quantities. 

What are the health risks of trisodium phosphate? 

A big group of scientists and researchers believe that trisodium phosphate will be harmful for kidneys. However, it will only happen when it will be consumed at a greater scale. 

Then what can we do with trisodium phosphate? 

Now, the question is where can you use trisodium phosphate. So instead of telling you several uses, here we will be telling you only one advantage of trisodium phosphate, and that is clearing your garden.

To ensure that the solution of trisodium phosphate reaches the roots of midews in your garden, it is necessary to use a sod cutter, learn more about sod cutters on this site 

How to clean mildew in the garden using a sod cutter and TSP? 

It is pretty simple. All you need to do is get a sod cutter, and clear the affected grass in your garden. Sod cutters are very easy to use,  ensure that the one you are using is of high quality. There are several types of sod cutters available in the market, and for each type buyer should consider the type of garden and needs. 

However, in this case, one can try any kind of sod cutter. So once you have cut off the grass, it is time to sprinkle the TSP solution, several times in a week. After a few weeks the mildew and other types of fungi would be gone. 


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