Deciding Whether the Savage 300 Blackout is For You or Not

When you put the 22LR to the side, the Savage 300 Blackout is perhaps the most popular AR cartridge on the market – with a variety of reasons why this is the case.

Commonality is one of its primary advantages, as it’s possible to use them with pretty much every type of AR-15, apart from those featuring barrel and gas technology. Whether talking about the Bolt Carrier Groups (BCG), magazine or any other component, it’s all compatible. 

However, this is all incidental when considering the most pertinent question of all – are 300 Blackout rounds for you or should you give them a miss?

Who’s the Ideal User?

Savage 300 Blackout rounds are essentially 30 caliber projectiles that come in a 5.56 casing and they can be used in a number of different weights. What does that mean? Well, basically it points to the fact that regardless of whether shooting super or sub-sonically, the rounds can be reliably recycled. ivermectin medicine use

Should you be a relative novice when it comes to firearms, you might not know that rounds can have an effect on whether the gun in question can be suppressed (silenced). The design of these rounds means that if you want to shoot some cans and noise is a problem, the sound reduction can be significant when using 300 Blackouts. 

Home Defense Users?

If you’re talking about barrel length compatibility, then you’ll see that Savage 300 Blackout cartridges are primarily designed to fire particularly well out of weapons with shorter barrels. Conversely, the 5.56 is best shot from a barrel of 20 inches in length, largely because the longer the barrel, the better the performance ballistically. 

300 Blackouts are able to reach their optimum ballistic performance with just a 9 inch barrel, meaning that the ideal weapons for them are short-barreled AR pistols. The upshot of this is that Savage rounds are best suited to those using them for home defense.

That’s because when fired, these rounds effectively penetrate with minimal noise being produced.

Who Shouldn’t Use 300 Blackouts?

Well, what 300 Blackouts are certainly not for is shooting down at the range, as its long-range performance is nowhere near what you’d get from something like a 308 Valkyrie. Particularly when talking about subsonic loads, this is often the case.

Some choose to use them for hunting, but if you start using them over distances exceeding 200 yards or more, it’s not going to result in a clean kill. ivermectin mice Inside that distance, it’s a completely different story. what heartworm treatment doesnt have ivermectin  

When using lighter loads, you are more prone to get an inhumane kill over a bigger distance, so if you are hunting with the round, it’s best to stick to supersonic loads.

Is the Savage 300 Blackout Right For Your Needs?

When you’re trying to work out whether the 300 Blackout is for you, you have to consider that it’s a potent killer – especially over short distances. It is compatible for a range of different uses, but they’re pretty much always over a lower amount of yards – great for home defense.

Consider how you’ll use yours and then you’ll know whether it’s suitable or better replaced with a higher-performing long-distance cartridge.

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