How to Choose the Right E-Liquid

There are main things to consider when you are choosing an e-liquid because not everyone has the same taste, and you might not like what another person likes. Read more here


If you researched about finding an e-liquid, that means you want to try healthy nicotine intake, which you get through vaping. In case you already have a vaping device, then you are probably wondering what vape juice you must buy. If that happens, then you should not worry anymore. 

You need to buy a 510 threaded battery for your vape device, aside from all the other parts that are in it. In this article, you are going to realize what you need to consider before buying a vape juice. Read on now. 


You might think that this is easy to choose and these makers are aware of what people like, which is varied. What you normally eat and drink, smell, taste, have been made into e-liquid flavors. You can find yourself enjoying vape flavors you did not expect to like, and that is why it can be hard to decide on the flavor. 

Nicotine Concentration

The nice thing about vaping is that you can decide how much nicotine you want to consume. This is really helpful when you want to quit smoking, and you can even find yourself quitting smoking and just vape. Therefore, you need to be sure that the nicotine concentration you are buying is what you want. 

When you choose just the right amount for you, that means you have total control of your nicotine intake. Therefore, if you worry about becoming addicted, you should not. You can choose a vape with low nicotine concentration, which reduces how much nicotine intake you take per day. 

VP/PG Ratio

The ingredients and its differences depend on the VG and PG ratio. If the e-liquid has more VG in it, then the vapor is denser and thicker. For instance, if the vape box has 80% VG, then it is for people who want a higher VG level. The devices blended with sub-ohm oils have a ‘direct to lung’ style. That means high VG levels gives you a denser vapor and better vaping experience. If you are vaping ‘mouth to lung’, you need more nicotine. It is recommended that you use a 50/50 blend. 

Mix and Test

Some people want to experiment with vape juices. If you plan to try a new flavor mix that is not yet available, you can mix your own flavors. If you want to experiment and mix e-liquids, you should test it out first. 

You should mix in small amounts first to see how it is before you mix them all. At least, if you do not like your mix, you will not waste money. 

Value for Money

You should buy a vape juice that gives value for your money and never overpay. 

You need to consider these when choosing an e-liquid. You must use best 510 threaded batteries for long-lasting vape sessions. 

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