Cloud Based Video Surveillance:  Remote Online Viewing of IP Cameras With Recording

Cloud based surveillance is one of the easiest and effective ways to remotely monitor and control any personnel or object. This method can be very straightforward, consisting of multiple IP cameras connected to the Internet or complex hybrid, including HD-TVI, Wi-Fi and PoE IP cameras,  a video recorder, a switch and a monitoring station with Internet connectivity. revectina 6mg 4 comprimidos

What features can it provide? What roles can it perform? What settings are required? Why is a static IP address necessary? We will discuss everything over here.

The choice of video surveillance and its capabilities

For selecting the right gear for your organization, you will need to analyze some factors:

  1. What are the challenges facing video surveillance?
  2. What problem should cloud video surveillance solutions solve?

The answer to the above questions depends on the required features and allocated budget from the business. For example, suppose if a car service workshop wants to look after its garage or monitor its mechanics while working,  it is unnecessary to use the same smart and costly devices to protect an object associated with economic risks.

However, even in this case, you should not get tempted by offers like “6 outdoor IP cameras for only 3 thousand rupees.” If you choose this kind of offer, it will be a total waste of money, and you will receive a blurry, grainy picture with barely visible silhouettes. These devices will fail to help you even in the case of hacking or theft, and information from them will not bring any benefit to your organization.

What functions does cloud video surveillance perform, and why is it necessary:

  1. Continuous monitoring of the situation in commercial complexes and buildings, schools, shops, warehouses, offices, banks, hotels, pharmacies, kindergartens, medical clinics.
  2. Allows security teams to remotely control the outer areas of ​​business objectives: construction sites, boarding houses,  parking lots, rest homes, gas stations. ivermectina gotas dosis nios para que sirve
  3. Employees performance monitoring: customer service, compliance with safety regulations, control of labor discipline.
  4. Ensures the safety of customers and employees at the premises: monitoring the situation, preventing hooliganism and robbery.
  5. Monitoring of private properties (in an apartment, society building, and area): security against theft, control of children, domestic workers (nannies, maids), pets.
  6. The virtual concierge at the entrances of the society apartment.
  7. Organization of remote monitoring and security of society, residential buildings, etc.visit here to know more information : Pii-email

What does surveillance require

A cloud based video surveillance system is a set of devices that solves a specific task:

  1. Cameras – For video shooting.
  2. Video recorder – To receive information from cameras and to record and send it to the cloud storage.
  3. Router –  Home router provides access via Wi-Fi, IP address for video cameras, data transfer via the Internet to external cloud storage, or some distant server.
  4. Switch – It connects multiple modes into a single one. Using this, you can connect several cameras (including different models), supplying power and broadcasting data through the same wire, setting the power supply of all cameras individually (for example, you can program it to transmit 4 W to one camera, and 10 W to the other). In addition,  warnings about camera malfunction are also regulated by switches.
  5. External storage: It allows you to remotely view real-time through any connected device (who has access rights) and record information on the HDD.
  6. Network cable – For connecting devices to each other.
  7. Microphone – For sound recording (some organizations use it as a speakerphone in video intercom systems to record conversations between employees and clients, etc.).
  8. Software – To expand the functionality of remote video monitoring.

Nowadays, there are modern softwares in the security market that can increase the features of cloud video monitoring into many folds. For example, these softwares can provide services like face recognition, push notifications or email messages to a smartphone when cameras are turned off, or a potential threat arises (for example, trespassing into the territory of unauthorized persons), organization of public broadcasting,  and much more. Which include providing cctv singapore camera installation and security system.

System types

There are multiple categories of cloud video surveillance systems. Each of them has its benefits and advantages that can be classified according to different criteria.

1. By type of video signal and devices

  • Combined (for example, with analog cameras, but a digital video recorder).
  • Hybrid uses two types of cameras (analog and digital IP cameras), hybrid type DVR.

2. By technology and protocol

  • Local (may have an internal network).
  • Networked (with Internet access).

3. By the process of signal transmission

  • Wireless Wi-Fi.

Here, we will only consider the most modern surveillance system in detail because the primitive connection scheme is hopelessly outdated, has limited capabilities, and does not provide a sufficient level of security to an organization. Let’s discuss organizing cloud video surveillance via the Internet: choosing devices, building architecture, planning infrastructure.

Camera options

According to intended the area of installation, IP cameras can be classified into two categories:

  1. For indoor use.
  2. For the street. They can be waterproof, with vandal-proof housing.

Why is it necessary to connect to the cloud?

Be it any video recorder (DVR, NVR, HVR) is a perfect example of a device with twenty-four-seven security features continuously guarding your properties. If it just stands at your business, it can be stolen along with your other important goods, destroyed or stretched out a hard drive and moved away from your reach. All these things can happen in a duration of 10-20 minutes, while your security takes a bathroom break, lies down for a nap, or leaves according to his needs.

Therefore the best option for constant remote monitoring is via the Internet by transmitting the information to external storage, preferably to a cloud service:

  1. It is suitable even for those businesses that lack a fixed static IP address.
  2. It allows an organization to remotely view data from the cloud storage (real-time video and archive recording) from any device: computer, smartphone, laptop.
  3. With its help, industries can monitor several objects simultaneously, differentiate access rights and notify security when a potential danger arises. ivermectina tab

Modern technology is dedicated to making security systems as reliable and safe as possible. A cloud based video surveillance fulfils all the needs like recording to external media, providing access to the archive for viewing, etc. There are only IP cameras that record video at the business premises, and other devices connect them into a single whole and upload data to the Network.


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