What Is Robotics Technology and Types of It

A robot is a machine that can partially work like a human-controlled by a computer. In 1979, the Institute of America defined Robot as a programmable, again, multifunctional manipulator schematic to move material, parts, tools, or learned devices through various programmed motions to perform a variety of tasks. ivermectina ou revectina Robotics is a technology where it is discussed design, structure, control process, work and applied sector of Robot. The word ' Robotics' is originated from a Slavic word ' robota' which became robot in English. The linguistic meaning of the word is worker or slave. In 1921, a Czech writer named Karel Capek wrote a science fiction story 'Rossum's Universal Robots' where he used the word 'robota' first. In 1950, an American Engineer named Joseph Frederick Engelberger and an entrepreneur named George Charles Devol started to manufacture Robot for industrial purposes. Engelberger formed the first robot company named ' Unimate' in the world. For his revolutionary work, he is called the father of Robotics. But George Charles Devol also recognized as the father of Robotics. For great contribution in robotics, Robotics Industries Association gives the highest honour in the name of Engelberger every year. There are three rules of robotics law:

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  1. The Robot won't hurt any human being, or it won't give a chance to harm anyone.
  2. The Robot will do every task given by a human, maintaining the first rule.
  3. The Robot will keep its existence if it can maintain the first and second rule.

These rules are controlled to manufacture the Robot. It takes inputs from the environment through different sensors. After, it processes them through the programme and gives output through the actuator. A robot possesses different characteristics. It is controlled through software, and so it works a particular task very fast and precisely. It can work 24hours a day without taking any break. mectizan dose It can work in an unhealthy and risky place. It can be controlled from a distant place through a radio signal or laser ray. ivermectin in argentina

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