How to Choose an Insulated Jacket?

As the winter is around the corner now, you have to start preparing for it. One thing to do while then is finding yourself an insulated jacket. The reason why insulated jackets are warmer than normal jackets is because they trap heat. In chilly weather areas, people wear these insulated jackets to retain their body heat. But you have to remember a few things before you go to buy/choose an insulated jacket. You can use the Cotswold outdoor discount code Australia to get exciting offers on your buy.

Choose the type

When you want to buy an insulated jacket, you have to decide the type of material you want. Since insulated jackets come in three forms; down, synthetic, hybrid (mixed down and synthetic).

Down Many of you might be familiar with this particular material. Down is the layer that remains under the features to keep the geese/duck warm. The insulated jackets that are made from down give you the perfect insulation. How much warmth can the down insulated jacket have depends upon the fill power. The fill power generally ranges from around 500 to 900. The greater the fill power, the warmer your body remains. It is too lightweight so that you can wear it anywhere. But the only disadvantage of a down insulated jacket is once wet, it loses its insulation and loft. You can use Dealvoucherz to get discounts on your next purchase.

Synthetic The synthetic is the most commonly used insulated jacket. It uses the filaments of polyester that help to keep you warm. But unlike the down, it doesn’t lose its insulation if it gets wet. Thus making it a good choice to wear on rainy and windy treks! And since it is reasonably priced, you can go for it.

Hybrid (mixed) Hybrid or mixed insulated jackets use both down and synthetic material. The jacket’s design makes sure that even if parts of it get wet, it can still produce maximum insulation. So if you are looking for the best-insulated jacket despite getting wet, then this is the one.

Hood or not

People love hooded jackets. When you are buying insulated jackets, one thing that you can consider is whether you want a hooded one or not. A hooded jacket will save your head from getting wet and also help trap the heat. But you are looking for a mid-layer insulated jacket, then choose one without a hood as it’ll be easy to wear.


having pockets in your dress proves to be helpful nowadays. Especially since you’ll be wearing the jacket in winter, the pockets will help your hands keep warm. In fact, you can put your gloved hands in the pocket to make sure it warms up fast. One more use of pockets helps you carry things like a map, mobiles, or even inhalers!


Winters are harsh, but if it continues to drizzle with the chilly wind, that’s the worst. Are you planning to buy a jacket that keeps you warm and also keeps you from getting drenched? Then go for water-resistant insulated jackets. The core portion is warmest, which keeps you warm even when the outer layer gets wet. If you are a trekker, then you should choose water resistance insulated jackets as they would be safe. Indiancoupons help you to get exclusive deals on your purchase.

Thus these are the few things that you must keep in mind when buying insulated jackets. These will help you get the best of its kind. Also, an insulated jacket is an integral winter wear.


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