How to choose your engagement ring?

Beyond the object, an engagement ring is a symbol of commitment and a declaration of love. This tradition dates back to ancient Rome. At that time it was a simple iron ring but its symbolism was strong. Indeed, this ring was the expression of the endless love that the man had for his future wife. But it is ancient Egypt that we owe the tradition of wearing the engagement ring on the left ring finger. A popular belief was that a vein directly connects this finger to the heart.

What materials, stones or frames to choose for this jewel of a lifetime, we tell you everything!

Which stone to choose for your engagement ring?

Diamond or not diamond?

Because yes, tradition has it that we offer a diamond. And there, there are different qualities and therefore for all budgets. To get your bearings, the custom is to talk about the 4 C rule. لعبت بوكر Indeed, it allows you to classify them according to their size (Cut: the shape of the stone), the purity (Clarity: the inclusions or impurities), the color (Color: which varies from D to Z) and weight (Carat: the number of carats). Read More about hub4u click here cinewap Visit here viewster

They are often found mounted in Solitaire (one stone) or in You and Me (two stones against each other). But why not choose an Art Deco ring for a change?

What about colored stones?

Among old engagement rings, it is the other precious stones that are the most popular: ruby, emerald and sapphire. This time, they are often mounted in Marguerite or in You & Me.

Under its blue color, the most widely used, the sapphire would be a symbol of loyalty. The ruby, symbol of passion and love, will eventually require a larger budget. Finally, the emerald is a symbol of renewal and hope. It is also the most fragile gemstone. Not recommended for hyper active women! موقع مراهنات 365 Finally, other stones can be mounted on an old ring, such as tourmaline or peridot.

Which metal to choose for your engagement ring?

Yellow gold

Very solid, it hardly scratches and can easily be worn on a daily basis. It also has the advantage of retaining its color despite the passage of time. However, depending on its number of carats, the ring will be more or less likely to deform.

White gold

Also called white gold, white gold is resistant and does not scratch easily. It may look like silver, but unlike silver, it does not oxidize. Its light gray color and its shine are obtained thanks to the layer of rhodium that is applied on it. Be careful, white gold can turn yellow over time. You will then have to go to a jeweler to re-rhodium the ring.


A metal 30 times rarer than gold, platinum is therefore the most precious metal but also the most expensive. Hypoallergenic, it especially has the advantage of being stainless. It therefore requires less regular maintenance, unlike white gold.

Despite its density and hardness, platinum is a more malleable metal than gold. If you are clumsy, a knock can warp your platinum ring slightly. It is also less resistant to scratches than gold. The surface will patina but if that bothers you, it is always possible to ask a jeweler to polish it.

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Which ring model to choose?

The solitary

We mentioned it above but the Solitaire remains the engagement ring par excellence. This model is most often adorned with a diamond, a symbol of purity and longevity. It made its appearance in the 15th century. Its name does not come from the fact that there is a single stone, but from the way it is cut. Indeed there are solitaires with a main stone, supported by other smaller ones. We then speak of accompanied solitary.

You & Me

A Toi et Moi ring is a ring set with two gemstones placed next to each other, usually of the same size. It thus symbolizes each of the spouses who unite to spend their lives side by side. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, this was a common engagement ring. In fact, Napoleon gave one set with a diamond and a sapphire to his first fiancée Joséphine de Beauharnais!

To the “you and me”, some will prefer the “trilogy”, composed of three diamonds symbolizing the past, the present and the future.


The oval shape diamond is notable and original. Not a pretty modest round, the Oval is a manifestation of uniqueness and happiness for a living. Oval engagement rings mean a commitment of ever. They glorify the original thought and discover a similar mood in sweethearts. كيفية الرهان على كرة القدم The oval diamond can describe the outlook for kids and partnership or new happy living united. Whatever the definition of an oval diamond to you, it’s unmanageable to perform incorrectly with gold oval engagement rings.


Another ring inspired by the Marquise Pompadour. Indeed, the little story has it that King Louis XV, all in love with the Marquise that he was but also with her smile, ordered a diamond of the same shape in order to be able to admire it at any time. This diamond originally had an elongated shape that becomes thinner at the ends.

Of course not everyone can afford their romance and there are variations. The most elegant of the Marquise rings consists of a bezel with a central diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds.

What if we don’t want to be like everyone else?

For those who want to say yes, but without necessarily being classic, or who just want to show their love, there are magnificent jewels of sentiment. Here are a few examples:

  • the faith ring or fede
  • the knot ring
  • the REGARD or DEAR ring
  • Forget-me-not

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