How to organize your workspace at home?

With the health crisis and the successive confinements, have you finally decided to telecommute full or part-time? Your home will become your daily workplace and the boundary between your professional and private life will undeniably become more blurred. We have therefore listed some tips for you in order to organize your workspace at home as well as possible, with complete peace of mind!

Arrange your workspace well

Find a quiet place

First of all, you have to choose which place will become your daily workspace. It is often difficult when you work at home to mark a separation between your private life and your professional life. Your house becomes your place of work: it is very important to separate the two . This is why you will need to find, as far as possible, an isolated and calm place to work in complete serenity.

For example, if you already have a desk in your room and you plan to work there, we do not recommend it. Your bedroom should not turn into a workplace . You may be more likely to be distracted, want to work from your bed, or in your pajamas! Conversely, the fact of working in your room should not prevent you from taking breaks or exceeding your working hours. There is a time for everything, which is why we recommend that you favor rooms other than your bedroom for teleworking.

If you live alone, it will be easier to find a quiet space: the living room table, the kitchen table, an office space… There are many possibilities. However, if you live as a couple, with roommates or have children, you will need to find a strategic place to telecommute. If you live with other people, we advise you not to set up your office in common areas such as the living room or the kitchen. Obviously it depends on the space available and your habits: some people are not disturbed by noise when they work.

Choose an airy and bright space

There is a significant point that undeniably affects the quality of your work and your general mood: the brightness of the room. It is very important to identify the brightest spaces in your Work from home rentals in order to set up your workspace there. Finding a bright corner will help preserve your sight , especially since working from home means spending your day in front of screens.

In addition to natural light, you will need to provide a desk lamp or floor lamp to optimize the brightness as much as possible . Eyes tire quickly in a dark place, it can give you migraines and decrease your productivity. simpiox gotas Brightness is also important for practical issues, for example if you have interviews or meetings by videoconference, the rendering of the image will be more pleasant for your collaborators.

Choosing a spacious location, if possible, will have a positive impact on your morale and motivation . You will not feel locked in a closed space, you will be free to move. ivermectin as an antiviral We also advise you to ventilate your workspace as often as possible.

Arrange your work tools

Whether your office is large or small, you must not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by clutter : leaves scattered everywhere, an empty cup of coffee, pens that no longer work… You must try to be as tidy as possible: when the space is tidy you can think better and therefore work better.

Do not clutter yourself with unnecessary objects, the necessary will be more than enough and will allow you to have better visibility on the progress of your work. Although your workspace is at home, we advise you to store your belongings , your office as if you were working with other people. It’s good to see orderly spaces, especially when working. If you never tidy up your space and every morning you start working in an untidy place, you will lose energy and motivation.

Prioritize comfort

When teleworking, it is essential to feel comfortable at home but also to feel good mentally.

Choose suitable equipment

It is imperative that you choose ergonomic tools because you will work daily with this equipment. Regarding the choice of table or desk, the ideal height is the one that allows you to rest your arms at elbow height. It is therefore also important that your office chair is adapted to the height of the table.

If you haven’t already, you can invest in an adjustable office chair , so you won’t have to buy a new desk. Thanks to teleworking, expenses are reduced (travel expenses, meals, accommodation, etc. ivermectin dosage for dogs in cc ), and comfort is priceless! We strongly recommend that you choose a chair with a backrest, armrests and a comfortable seat (or cushion). In addition, it happens that some companies that operate in telework support certain material costs (computer, tablet, telephone, etc.), find out from your employer to find out if you are entitled to it.

Most of the time, to telecommute, you will need these 3 things at least: a computer/tablet, a mobile/landline phone and paper with pens. These tools form the basis for remote work rentals. For example, you can get a computer booster seat to avoid neck or back pain. To be more efficient, you can also use a hands-free kit to make phone calls while writing on your computer or on paper.

Organize your schedule to take breaks

When you work in offices, you have obligations and schedules to respect. The limit becomes more blurred when working from home: who sets the schedules? You or your employer? We can tend to scatter and not have a structured framework. This is why it is important to determine your working hours as well as your break times (coffee break, lunch break, etc.). For example, you can create a time schedule according to your professional obligations (in the form of a table or post-its) and post it on the wall for clearer visibility.

You know yourself better than anyone, you know how you work, whether you disperse quickly or not. Ask yourself the right questions: am I more productive in the morning or in the afternoon? Do I prefer to start my day early to finish earlier or vice versa?

Fight Against Loneliness

Teleworking has many significant advantages (reduction of transport time, reduction of daily costs, reduction of stress, etc.), however, some people fear being alone, especially those who do not live as a couple or family. C This is why it is essential to take outings, at least twice a week, with friends or family and not just on weekends. If your loved ones don’t live near you, nothing prevents you from organizing calls during your free time (end of the day, lunch break, etc.) to discuss and discuss.

You can decide to have lunch one afternoon a week with friends or your spouse. The important thing is to clear your mind, to know how to release the pressure to get back to work in the best possible conditions. These tips are not exhaustive, everything obviously depends on the space you have to install your office, your way of working, and the equipment you need. It is simply a question of paying attention to your physical and moral well-being to take full advantage of the advantages that teleworking offers you.

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