Jobs to be Done Framework: How You Can Improve Your Product

The Jobs to be done framework is a powerful tool for innovation. It provides a framework for categorizing, defining, capturing, and organizing all your customer’s needs. The key to understanding the Jobs to be Done Framework is that it does not describe what the customer is doing. Rather, it describes what the customer is trying to get done. This distinction has huge implications when you are designing new products or services because they need to help customers get their jobs done better and more cheaply.

What is it?

The framework was originally described in the book “Exploit Your Competitors’ Ignorance” by Clayton Christensen, Jerome H. Grossman, and Jason Hwang, who defined it as:

People want to get their jobs done better and cheaply, yet when defining what “better” means, customers tend to reduce functionality rather than increase it.

If you want to improve your product or service, customers must understand what they are trying to get done and how the new products/services can help them do their jobs better and more cheaply. This way, customers will value those features and appreciate increased performance in areas where they weren’t expecting such improvement.

Why is it important?

It does not describe what the customer is doing but instead describes what they are trying to get done.

By examining product successes and failures in light of this framework, we can observe the same phenomenon: new products and services win in the marketplace when they help customers get a job done.

Success at innovation comes from understanding your customer’s Job-to-be-Done. It does not matter what you think the customer is doing. It matters what they are trying to get done.

What does this mean for you?

You need to understand the basics of understanding your customers’ job-to-be-done in order to provide a service or product that will be valued by them and ensure customer satisfaction.

It also means it is important to look at successes and failures in light of the framework and test your product with your customers while you are designing it. You should define a successful outcome for them because this will dictate which features they value most highly.

This is important because when people buy products or services, they want something that does not just meet their requirements—they want to get a job done.

Knowing the customer’s Job-to-be-Done is key to creating successful products and services that will provide value for you and your customers.

How to use it

In order to use it effectively, you need to understand the difference between what customers are doing and what they are trying to get done. The Jobs to be Done Framework allows us to look at products or services that have failed andthose that have succeeded to identify why certain things were successful while others were not.

The key is understanding which features your customers value most and which ones they do not care about as much. This will help you design a product that appeals to your customers’ needs while improving the overall value of what is being offered.

The Jobs to be Done Framework provides a valuable tool for understanding customer motivation in buying products or services by identifying how well it satisfies their needs rather than how it performs compared to another product or service.

What are the next steps?

Once you have identified your customers’ job-to-be-done, you need to determine which features matter most and plan accordingly when creating a new product/service. This will ensure that they satisfy customer needs while increasing value for them.

The next step is to begin testing your product with customers so that you can identify which features are most important and why, as well as what needs they have where the new product/service might be able to help them do their jobs better or more cheaply than before. This will allow for early detection of flaws in the design phase of product development rather than after the product has been released to the market.

The Jobs to be Done framework encourages us to step back from specific product features or attributes that we might focus on with other frameworks like Customer Experience and look at the context in which customers are using our products.

The framework provides us with the opportunity to uncover unmet needs, and new opportunities that can be exploited by innovative product designs.

The framework allows us to uncover unmet needs and new opportunities that can be exploited by innovative product designs. The key is understanding what customers are trying to get done in their jobs, not what they might say about how they are currently accomplishing.

In Conclusion,

The Jobs to be Done Framework helps us understand the customer’s actual job-to-be-done. It does not matter what you think they are doing. It matters what they actually want to get done and use your product or service as a means of accomplishing that.

Knowing this will help you design features that customers value most highly and identify which needs still need to be met for your product or service to remain competitive.

Now that you have learned what the framework is, how it works, and why it can help you improve your new products or services, try putting together some ideas on how you could apply this to the next product/service you are trying to develop.


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