NVIDIA confirmed that the data was leaked due to hacker attacks and said it would not interfere with the business

NVIDIA, the American chipmaker, confirmed that its computer network had been hacked and that sensitive information had been stolen and leaked on the network.

A portion of NVIDIA’s business will be disrupted for at least two days as a result of the cyber attack. Among them, the internal system of the geforce team is completely chaotic, a large amount of employee information has been stolen, and the e-mail system and developer tools have been rendered inoperable as a result of the attack. ivermectin 3mg tablets for dogs NVIDIA’s internal e-mail system and development tools cannot be used during this time due to the response and containment measures implemented after the network was maliciously invaded.

NVIDIA said in a statement to interface news that on February 23, 2022, the company discovered a network security incident affecting its resources. According to current information, external hackers obtained the credentials of NVIDIA employees as well as some of NVIDIA’s proprietary information.

“At this time, there is no evidence that any blackmail software was deployed to NVIDIA’s network environment as a result of this incident, nor that it is related to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.” NVIDIA stated.

According to NVIDIA, the company’s team is analyzing the stolen information, and the hacker attack is not expected to disrupt the company’s operations or ability to serve customers. ivermectin blood in urine

The cyber attack previously took NVIDIA’s e-mail system and developer tools offline for two days, and NVIDIA also attempted to counter hacker organizations.

NVIDIA, on the other hand, refused to reveal what data was stolen in the attack. According to Techcrunch, the blackmail hacker organization “lapsus $” claimed responsibility for the communication software telegraph channel. The organization claimed to have stolen nearly 1TB of data, including a large amount of confidential information and source code, such as NVIDIA’s program source code, graphics card firmware, driver, and other data that limits graphics card mining encrypted currency efficiency.

“Lapsus $” is a relatively new network hacker organization. In recent months, the organization has claimed responsibility for cyber attacks on the websites of the Brazilian Ministry of Health and impresa, Portugal’s largest media group, as well as other institutions, stealing large amounts of data and demanding a ransom.

“Security is a continuous process,” NVIDIA stated. Following the discovery of the network attack, the company strengthened network security, hired network security incident response experts, and notified law enforcement.

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