The Categories of Block Puzzle Games

Block puzzle games come in different designs. There are a plethora of block puzzle games on the internet. Most of these types of block puzzle games can be installed on any operating system. This means that you can install the game on an android or apple phone. The Windows operating system also supports this game.

The various types of block puzzle games have three broad categories. These categories define the format in which the game will be designed.

The first category is the falling block game. مراهنات اون لاين As the name suggests, blocks fall from the top of the screen to the bottom. This is the most common category of block games. You are required to maneuver the blocks into the desired positions to create vertical or horizontal lines. Once a line is filled, it disappears, and points are awarded. The lines should have no gaps.

The falling block games are mostly installed by beginners and novice gamers.

The second category is the sliding block game. You are required to control the block in the grid by directing it to the desired position. A pattern is usually followed when playing sliding block games. The block can move to the left and right.

The configurations created are like a shape, a letter, or a number. The blocks are moved across the grid to fit in the desired location.

This category of block games needs skills and quick thinking. Guessing also plays a part in playing this game.

The final category is the advancing block games. In this category, the blocks appear from all sides of the grid. جدول سباق الخيل You are required to prevent the blocks from getting to the opposite end of the grid.

These three categories are the framework within which all types of block puzzle games are created.

How Many Types of Block Puzzle Games Are There?

The types of block puzzle games in this article stem from the aforementioned categories. There are a lot of block games on the internet. However, some of these games stand out from the rest. شرح لعبة بينجو

In the falling category, there is Tetris, Navigator, and Dr. Mario. These games involve falling blocks. The difference is in the design of the blocks and the general appearance of the game. The different production companies employ board games, graphic adventure, and hunting.

If you are into a military theme, there are tactical shooter, RPG, and artillery types.

In the sliding category, there is Sokoban. This is the most common sliding block puzzle game. You are only able to slide the block in all four directions. You cannot jump or turn a block.

Sokoban requires you to re-arrange a set of numbers in order. Other types of sliding block games include E-Puzzle, Target 1, and Ma’s Puzzle.

Under the advancing block category, the main types are Luxor and Zuma. Other types are Frozen Bubble, Collapse, and Snood.

In summary, these types of block puzzle games are almost similar. Game designers only alter a few aspects to make the game enjoyable to the player.

Install a block puzzle game today and have fun playing!

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