Benefits of Physiotherapy for Lower Back Pain

Back pain can occur due to multiple reasons. Poor sitting position, stress, anxiety or due to excessive exercise as well. But whatever might be the cause, back ache can have a negative impact on your daily life and this is where a physiotherapist can be of help.

Physiotherapist is a medical healthcare professional who tends to help enhance your muscle movement and functionality. It has an amazing outcome for back aches and helps reduce them largely. Furthermore, this form of treatment helps in reducing the chances of recurrence of backaches.

Whether your muscles are under stress due to financial issues like debt consolidation or you are facing troubles due to excessive sitting at the office; physiotherapist can help you get rid of this dilemma.

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What to Expect when you see a Physiotherapist? zakłady bukmacherskie polska hiszpania

When you are going in for your first visit to a physiotherapist, you will have to submit your entire medical history to them. If you have faced the backache trouble several times in the past then you need to narrate the entire whereabouts to the therapist. Also, if you have any medical conditions that might be contributing to it, then it is best to let them know.

Next you have to undergo a physical examination. This is very crucial as the therapist looks into all the possible or potential issues that might be giving rise to the back ache. kasyno online szybkie wyplaty You might also have to go through a neurological assessment. This helps in examining the nerve function of your body. Without proper assessment, no proper treatment can be decided. Also, make sure that if you have any queries, you qualify them with the therapist, before agreeing on any treatment. You have the right to question them and you must do so.

1. Staying Active:

The best thing that almost all doctors recommend for back aches, is the need to stay active. Lower back pains usually rise due to excessive sitting. With activity and exercise, your muscles stretch and your mobility and flexibility is enhanced. Your therapist will give you a list of exercises and techniques to stay active and will explain how each one of them works for your betterment. kasyno online na pieniądze

2.Stretching Exercises:

Stretching is one of the key therapy exercises that helps in enhancing your spine’s flexibility. It also helps in reducing and releasing all types of tensions that reside within your muscles due to excessive stress. There are some typical stretching exercises for backache but depending on your nerve function and your condition, your therapist will create a chart that is best suitable for you.

3.Manual Therapies:

Some therapists also recommend trying manual therapies, which are also termed as hands-on therapy techniques. These are done along with other exercises and the therapist does this on his/her own. For instance, mobilisation is a technique in which the therapist uses his hands to stretch your spine muscles through very gentle movements. Secondly, manipulation is done through thrusting movements at a certain point of your spine.

4.Aerobic Exercises:

Aerobic exercises aren’t assigned to everyone and it is usually for releasing common backaches. If you are facing issues due to lack of mobility then the therapist recommends you to indulge in walking, step machines and swimming etc. this helps in reviving your back muscles and keeping them active. However, never indulge in aerobic exercise when you experience backache, on your own. You might have another dilemma and staying excessively active might boost your issue. Thus, always go for a physical examination first and let the doctor decide what’s best for you.


Physiotherapy can help largely in getting relief from back pain and it reduces the chances of its recurrence too. It helps one in gaining their movement back. Manual therapies and exercises combine to bring a great outcome to the patient. If you have been experiencing backache for a long time now, then you need to visit a professional physiotherapist for it. It might be the best decision that you make for yourself.

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