Resolutions that you should be making

We are all taught to be goal oriented, set out agendas for the month, quarter, year and what not. However, no one teaches out how to handle the crushing disappointment that happens when you fail to meet these goals. 

Resolves that are big and grand have a conflicting response. Some people ascribe to the aim for the sky, at least you will land amongst the stars ideology to dream big. Others think that being realistic is the key. 

Idealists ascribe to the former camp, and then are most of the time disappointed when they are unable to achieve their goals. This might even cause mental health problems in them, meriting a visit to the mental health expert like those at the Mid City Hospital

However, dreaming small is also not a healthy approach. There is no reason why you should be putting a limit to your imagination, hopes and dreams. 

The key lies in moderation. You need to set resolutions that enable you, prepare you and help you achieve whatever your end goal is, rather than setting the goal as the resolution. 

It is also important that your goals be set in a micro sphere, so that they are attainable. You do not know what life holds for you, therefore, try not to set yourself for disappointment. 

Here are some resolves you should be having:

Open to trying

It is hard to get out of the comfort zone. We are closed off in our perspectives and subjectivities. However, this time around, try to be more open to experiencing new things. Do not be closed off. 

When you can get out of your comfort zone, you become more daring. This allows you to explore your potential and thus achieve bigger things. 

Open to different viewpoints 

Tolerance is becoming rare found. You need to hence try to change this about you. Be open to hearing different viewpoints. Know, just because you are listening to someone, you are not supporting them. Being tolerant of different perspectives also helps with your mental growth as well. 


Social media and the constant comparison that it may make you less grateful. Gratitude also carries other benefits, including contentment, improved mental health, less aggression, more motivation, and increased empathy. 

Hence, make it your resolve to be more grateful. Stop comparing yourself to others; everyone has different struggles. Acknowledge your privilege and be grateful for it. 

Live in the moment

In trying to paint the perfect picture of our future, we forget to live in the moment. We miss out on the opportunities in the moment. Hence, make it a resolve to live each moment, and treasure it. 

Be there for one another 

It is also vital that you be there for your loved ones. Having healthy relationships is not only important for your social growth, but also mental health as well. Hence, make it a resolve that you will be more available for your loved ones. 

Work-life balance 

We think that obsessively working is a good thing. You need to burn the night oil to be more successful. However, that is a wrong perception. Work is just a part of your life, not your entire life or the purpose of life. 

Hence, aim for a healthy work and life balance. Have boundaries when it comes to work; when you clock out, you are off the hook. Moreover, leave your work at the office, do not bring it to your personal life. 

Unnecessary pressure 

Do not put unnecessary pressure on yourself. You are not in some race that you need to reach the milestones in the nick of time. Stop thinking that you should have something by your age. Stop comparing yourself to others. 

This will lead to not only lead to discontentment, but it will also lead to mental health problems that then require help from the Psychiatrist in Islamabad then. 

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