The hottest design trends for your 2021 bathroom

Do you usually follow trends both in your outfit and interior design, or are you used to making decisions based on your personal inner feeling? In any case, all of us sometimes need a good inspiration, especially when it comes to designing home. So keep reading in order to find out bathroom design techniques popular in 2021 and then make sure to visit a free online bathroom planner at

  1. Natural patterns are a must. Include leaves and flowers, wood and stone as decoration elements and your space will change significantly. The easiest way to add nature to the room is adding plants into the interior. gaminator download Also, choose posters or tile with plant patterns – and your bathroom is officially in style!
  2. Back to basics – use a freestanding bathtub. sportfogadás tippek Designers say that it will suit the whole natural spirit the best. And do not limit yourself with only white color of bath and washbasin, as all the natural colors are acceptable – black, beige, marble and so on. Also, you can always experiment with the forms – it is very appreciated.
  3. Stone, murmur and concrete is a weird combo at first, but it is a creative way to input natural elements into the design. Use terrazzo texture all the way. You will get all the benefits of using it right away – it definitely adds to the design and is rather resistant to different kinds of damages.
  4. Do you think that your bathroom is small? Then the next lifehack will be a total game changer. Keep your shower zone open. Do not separate it from the other space, use only one glass partition, and if you really need one. Otherwise, just do not make any division – this will make your bathroom look airier and more spacious. tippmix foci eredmények
  5. Tile it up! No wonder that tile remains the best material for bathroom walls. It is practical, it is water and damage resistant and it has so many color options, that you will have a tough time choosing it. That is why designers love it so much. You can try combining several different colors or choose one perfect shade, stay on the monochromatic side or choose an ornament, anyway try and stick to minimalism – and you win.

Still missing something? Then pay attention to artificial lighting. Nowadays it is much more than practical interior detail. Lamps and chandeliers picked smartly can make a huge difference. Try to place multiple light sources instead of one. It will adorn your bathroom and it is in trend anyway, so.   


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